Bonds in dollars fall after rebound of the previous round and country risk short bearish streak

Bonds in dollars fall after rebound of the previous round and country risk short bearish streak
October 26, 2023 – 1:19 p.m.

After the elections, the markets seek to rearrange themselves, although the second round is still pending.

Dollar bonds fall this Thursday, October 26.


Dollar bonds fall this Thursday, October 26, after registering a bounce on the front wheel. For its part, country risk rises and short a streak of two casualties in a row. This occurs in the market of a scenario in which markets continue to adjust to election results last Sunday and pressured by the political and economic uncertainty that generates the runoff what they will face Sergio Massa and Javier Milei next November 19.

In the local market, dollar bonds operate with majority of casualties. Those who fall the most are Bonar 2035 (-2%), the Bonar 2038 (-1.9%) and the Bonar 2030 (-1.8%). Meanwhile, two bonds are advancing strongly, as is the case of Global 2046 (+10%) and Global 2029 (+7%).

For their part, in premarket, the titles that operate in NY they advanced until 0.6% by the hand of Bonar 2030 and of Bonar 2035 (+0.5%).

However the risk countryprepared by the bank JP Morganrises 1.1%, or 26 units, to 2,494 points. In this way, write down your fifth advance on seven wheels.

Bonds in pesos: how they operate this October 26

Meanwhile, the CER bondswhich adjust for inflation, operate with majority of casualties, after advancing in the last day. The greatest losses are those of CUAP (-2.5%), the PARP (-1.7%), and the TX28 (-1.2%).

“Although some investors consider 2030 (bonds) as an alternative, we continue to believe that The market will remain cautious and will consider some type of restructuring until we see a real change in flows that ensures the accumulation of BCRA reserves,” he said Javier Casabal of Adcap Financial Group.

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