A cryptocurrency leads gains for the month and is expected to increase 10,000%: what it is about

A cryptocurrency leads gains for the month and is expected to increase 10,000%: what it is about

Solana (SUN) is one of the cryptocurrencies which is in vogue in the market. The altcoin rises 8% in the last 24 hours and maintains the advantage over the others in the month by more than 18%. So far this year, the native cryptocurrency of the eponymous blockchain tripled its price to US$34, levels prior to FTX’s bankruptcy. However, one prediction anticipates strong gains of up to $3,200 in 2030.

According to a research report from the asset management giant, Solana (SOL) could rally 10,000% in the coming years if it manages to attract 100 million users to its ecosystem.

The asset manager also assumes that SOL monetizes at just 20% of ETH absorption rate and achieves less than half of ETH’s market shares due to a fundamental difference in community philosophy. In fact, the projected price for ETH in the same period is around $11,800.

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However, VanEck experts predict that, if you are able to reach those milestonesSolana investors could get up to US$8 billion in revenue by 2030 and gradually reduce its gap with Ethereum significantly.

Solana: different opinions from analysts

Some analysts believe that the latest increases in Solana (SOL) are somewhat exaggerated and too conditioned by the latest rally in bitcoin (BTC). In this sense, they believe that it could head back to $30 before breaking new resistance in the near future.

Robert Kiyosaki The well-known author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad believes that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $135,000 in the coming years. If his prediction is correct, it means that Bitcoin’s market capitalization will rise to more than $2.7 trillion.

If this prediction is correct, it also means that other altcoins will jump as well. Bitcoin has a close correlation with altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, XRP, Chainlink and Hedera Hashgraph. When it jumped to $30,000 on Monday, the price of Ethereum reached $1,700 while Chainlink and Solana jumped to $10.70 and $31, respectively.

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