Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Tuesday, November 21

Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Tuesday, November 21

The blue dollar quotes at $900 for the buys already $950 for the saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City. Today’s day is mediated by the national holiday, which is why there are no operations this Monday, November 20, one day after the ballot that dedicated to Javier Milei as president-elect.

He informal dollar sold to $950. Thus, the gap of the dollar parallel with the official dollar is located in the 168.4%.

In this way, the parallel accumulated a $10 retracement in the weekafter having advanced $35 in the previous one.

How much does the blue dollar rise in the year

So far in 2023, the Dolar blue accumulates a rise of $604 after closing 2022 at $346.

In the monthly accumulated of Septemberthe informal dollar registered an increase of $65 or 8.8%. In Augustthe blue dollar jumped $185 or 33.6% -the most significant monthly increase since April 2020 (+41.3%)- after the 20% devaluation of the peso post PASO.

While in the first part of the year it showed more moderate increases: in July climbed $53 (+11.3%)in June increase $4 (+0.8%)during May climbed $21 (+4.5%)in April went up $74 (+18.73%)in March recorded an increase of $20 (+5.3%)in February accumulated a drop of $6 (-1.6%) and in January the informal dollar advanced $35 (+10.1%).

In 2022advanced $138 (+66.4%) after closing 2021 at $208.

He official dollar-without taxes- it is negotiated at $351.55 for the buys already $371.55 for sale, according to the average of the main banks in the financial system carried out by the central bank (BCRA). In turn, the dollar bill in it Banco Nación is listed at $351.50 for the buys and $369.50 for the sale.

He Central Bank (BCRA) bought US$1 million in the exchange market on Friday, November 17 and reached the second longest series of the year, on the last day of exporter dollar. In the 17 consecutive rounds it accumulated a positive balance of US$1,050 million and since August 14, purchases have exceeded US$1,850 million.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Tuesday, November 21

He wholesale dollar is negotiated at $353.95after last Wednesday the Government launched the crawling peg to 3% monthly.

How much is the MEP dollar sold for today, Tuesday, November 21

He MEP dollar operates in $872.61 and the gap with the official it is at 146.5%.

Value of the CCL dollar today, Tuesday, November 21

The dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL) quotes in the $876.96. In that way, the spread with the official it is at 147.8%.

Price of the card dollar today, Tuesday, November 21

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (or supportive) -which include 30% of the COUNTRY TAX + 45% of the Perception of Profits + 25% of Gross Income– is negotiated at $743.10, which represented its largest daily increase in a month.

Crypto dollar quote today, Tuesday, November 21

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $930.91according to the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

Source: Ambito

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