What to invest the bonus in: dollar, fixed term, stocks, bonds, FCI or Cedears

What to invest the bonus in: dollar, fixed term, stocks, bonds, FCI or Cedears

December arrives and with it the collection of the bonus but this year is quite particular. In December he assumes a new president with a completely different profile than the predecessor. Thus, in the middle of the beginning of a new management, we reach the end of the year. If the reader is thinking Is it possible to invest in this context? the answer is, It’s always a good time. Below we will provide some options according to the profiles (moderate or conservative for less expert people and risky for those who dare to take risk).

Moderate profiles

From Cocos Capital In their recommendations they gave three options: MEP dollar, Cedears and Negotiable Obligations. Why choose to have dollar bill explained: “For those conservative investors who want to have their savings in dollars, the most popular, attractive and usually safe alternative is the MEP dollar. For those with an investment horizon of at least 3 monthsthe MEP dollar is presented as the best option to preserve the purchasing power of the bonus.”

The other option that Cocos thought about is a horizon of medium term (at least 2 years) and be implicitly dollarized, that is, invest in pesos and be covered. From Coconuts They recommended the SPYwhich brings together the 500 largest companies in the North American market and Coca Cola (KO) due to its great liquidity and the attractiveness generated by this type of companies in the consumer goods and more defensive sectors.

Lastly, for those who seek to cover themselves against a possible rise in the exchange rate and obtain a fixed income in dollarsCocos Capital recommended these Negotiable Obligations: “For investors conservatives one option is ON YPF 2026, Ticker YMCHD with a yield today of 6.54%. For those moderate Telecom 2026, Ticker TLC1D with a yield today of 9.94%”.

From Banza They thought for this profile the option of Mutual funds: “Wallet conservative It is intended for users of moderate profileinvestment horizon medium term and offers diversification with high-quality corporate credit quality (FCI Adcap Fixed Income) and protection against inflation (FCI Adcap Coverage). For its part, the positioning in money market (FCI Adcap Peso Savings) lowers portfolio duration and volatility. The conservative portfolio has a TNA of 135%.”

Finally Maximiliano Donzelli Head of Research IOL investonline recommended liquidity 15%, Fixed Income 50% and Variable Income 35%. Within what is fixed income: FCI Premier Renta short term (5%), Global Bonus 2035 (5%), ON GENNEIA 2027 – GNCXO (20%), and ON YPF 2026 – YMCHO (twenty%). Within what is variable income: Dow Jones – DIA (15%), Nike – NKE (5%), S&P P500 – SPY (5%), Pampa Energy – PAMP (5%), and Central Port – CEPU (5%).

Risky profiles

From Banza they thought of an investment portfolio called “spicy.” It has a TNA of 115% and is aimed at users with an aggressive profile and long-term horizon. It is a diversified portfolio that includes the FCI Adcap Hedging (40%), FCI Adcap Currency (40%) and FCI Adcap Shares (20%).

“Funds Adcap Hedging and Adcap Currency They offer protection against inflation and devaluation, the most important risks of the Argentine economy. But in addition, the portfolio offers diversification against risks with the potential return of Adcap Shares fundwhich is positioned in Argentine stocks and cedars“they explained.

Since Cocos, in addition to having a part in MEP dollar and another in cedarsfor a aggressive profile They thought about the Negotiable Obligation YPF 2029, Ticker YMCID with a yield today of 10.34% or YPF 2033, Ticker YMCJD with a yield today of 10.42%.

Lastly from IOL investonline The aggressive portfolio was formed as follows: Liquidity 5%, Fixed Income 35% and Variable Income 60%. Within fixed income: FCI Premier Short-term income (5%), ON YPF – YCA6O (10%), Global bond of the Argentine Republic 2035 – GD35 (15%), and ON GMSA 2027 – MRCAO (10%). Within variable income: Exxon Mobil- XOM (10%), Google – GOOGL (5%), S&P500 – SPY (10%), Comercial del Plata – COME (5%), Pampa Energía – PAMP (10%), Nike – NKE (10% ), Cresud – CRES (5%), and Transportadora de Gas del Sur – TGSU2 (5%).

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