Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Friday, December 8

Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Friday, December 8

The informal dollar went up $35 (+3.7%) until the $990 and wrote down his second consecutive riseaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City. Although during the round she even touched the $1,000. In that framework, the gap with the official exchange rate it reached 157.1%.

In two days, the exchange rate advanced $80.

It should be noted that this Friday, December 8, is a holiday for Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virginwith which, the currencies operate around the close of Thursday, December 7.

How much does the blue dollar rise in the year

So far in 2023, the Dolar blue accumulates a rise of $644 after closing 2022 in $346.

In the monthly accumulated of November, the parallel dollar fell $15 or 1.6%. In October, however, there was $120 or 15%. While in Septemberthe informal registered an increase of $65 or 8.8%.

In Augustthe blue dollar jumped $185 or 33.6% -the most significant monthly increase since April 2020 (+41.3%)- after the 20% devaluation of the peso post PASO.

While in the first part of the year it showed more moderate increases: in July climbed $53 (+11.3%)in June increase $4 (+0.8%)during May climbed $21 (+4.5%)in April went up $74 (+18.73%)in March recorded an increase of $20 (+5.3%)in February accumulated a drop of $6 (-1.6%) and in January the informal dollar advanced $35 (+10.1%).

In 2022advanced $138 (+66.4%) after closing 2021 at $208.

How much does the official dollar trade at today, Friday, December 8

He wholesale dollar rose $21.30 cents to $385. It is worth remembering that on Wednesday, November 15, the Government resumed the crawling pegwhich involves making daily microdevaluations in the official exchange rate.

How much is the MEP dollar sold for today, Friday, December 8

He MEP dollar quoted to $986.37 (+5.3%) and the spread with the official dollar it positioned itself 156.2%.

Value of the CCL dollar today, Friday, December 8

The dollar “Cash with Settlement” quoted to $991.83. In that way, the spread with the officer he positioned himself in the 157.6%.

Price of the card dollar today, Friday, December 8

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (or supportive) climbed up $1,021.28after the Government ordered an increase in taxes on these exchange rates.

Crypto dollar quote today, Friday December 8

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar quotes at $991.66according to Bitso.

Source: Ambito

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