Elon Musk’s 5 tips to be rich

Elon Musk’s 5 tips to be rich

Elon Muskowner of companies like SpaceX and x (ex Twitter), it is the richest person in the world in 2023 according to Forbes magazine. In this framework, due to his position, but also due to his eccentricity, his opinions and positions usually attract the attention of the general public.

The South African-born tycoon is also co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, SolarCity, The Boring Company, Neuralink and OpenAI. With creations and innovations, Musk built his fortune from a young age, but he also had to Ensure that your companies survive over time. In that sense, share some advice on how to act to achieve your goals.

Elon Musk’s 5 tips to be rich

Communication without intermediaries

According to Musk, for a company to work, communication must be fluid. For this, it is recommended that you use a simple and everyday language so that the information is easy to interpret for both interlocutors and avoid confusion.

In that sense, it recommends give up acronyms, acronyms and technical language typical of the company’s sector. Furthermore, it indicates that communication must be carried out without intermediariesregardless of ranks within the company.

Smart meetings

Another of the situations that determine the life of a company, or of any team, are the Work meetings. But Musk has a particular vision about it, considers them to be a pest for companies that in many cases serve more to disperse than to optimize.

Therefore, they propose that they be in just the right amount and may they always be entirely tools. And, in the event that they are useful meetings, always propose that they be brief and efficient.

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anger. Elon Musk verbally attacked the companies that left.

Assimilate the errors

Throughout his life, Elon Musk He was a great entrepreneur, from his first projects as a young man to launching the first SpaceX Blooper Reel rocket in September 2017 and everything that followed.

But the magnate was never satisfied since, for example, in that case, he decided to record the launch and then watch it as many times as necessary to detect possible errors and improve them. In this way, he says, he managed to get two of his Falcon 9 They will land vertically in February 2019.

Plan a crisis

Musk usually sends communications to his employees treating them as equals and trying to motivate them. In this framework, he usually congratulate them on their achievements but it also performs a key task: prevent them from a possible future crisis.

As he explains, in this way he manages to avoid the surprise factor of any bad news that could impact the workers of his company. Throughout his career as a businessman and the different decisions he made, he learned that there may be mistakes and criticisms but that Fear should never be an obstacle to your goals.

Always have deadlines

You apply this advice in your life and in your companies. Launching a project and having it be successful does not mean that you can then do nothing and enjoy your achievements. Therefore, to limit the moments, Musk always works with deadlines that he strictly respects. This is how you determine deadlines for your goals and also for your rest.

The same applies to your companies. Set a deadline to finish a certain initiative and, once that ends, you set the date for the next one. The dates are internal and externalsome public and others private, but they are always unbreakable.

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