Bye fixed term: so you can earn interest every day and have the money available

Bye fixed term: so you can earn interest every day and have the money available

The virtual wallets They’re a option that does not stop growing when doing surrender the weights. In this framework, currently the returns offered are below 100% annual nominal, after the rate reduction ordered by the Central Bank at the end of 2023,

With December inflation at 25.5%, the market looks directly to the BCRA and its rate policy, especially with a Consumer Price Index (CPI) so high and a current performance of the traditional fixed term of 110% per year (since it is 9.1% monthly), which loses strongly against inflation.

Under this scenario, the virtual wallets as an interesting alternative to generate returns and have the money available at all times, unlike traditional fixed terms, which immobilize the money for at least a month.

Among the range of possibilities offered by the market, the wallet that generates the most performance in January 2024 is Orange X, with an annual rate of 95%. If you invest $100,000, you will have a profit at the end of the month of $7,800, if you do not withdraw or add money during the 30 days.

It follows Taca Taca, whose performance is 83.87% annually. So investing $100,000 will give you a return of $6,800 at the end of the month.

Personal PayThirdly, it has a categorization By levels, depending on the degree of consumption made through the app. Assuming that the user is at the last level (91% TNA), by depositing $100,000, in this wallet at the end of the month they would have a profit of $7,400.

Then Claro Pay appears, with an annual interest of 82.61% per year. If you add $100,000 to this wallet and keep it there for a month, you will pay $6,720.

Uala, For its part, it has a return of 81.76%. That is, with an investment of $100,000 in the application you earn $6,700 per month.

Payment Market It is last in this ranking with an annual interest of 80.68%. If you invest $100,000, you will pay $6,600 in one month.

Investments: remunerated accounts or fixed term?

After the devaluation that occurred on December 13 and the subsequent modification in interest rates, there was a total transformation in wallet returns.

While fixed terms moved considerably away from providing positive real interest, offering a return of 9% monthly, as mentioned above, facing an inflation that exceeded 25% in Decemberwallets were also further away from matching inflation, although they continue to be a palliative option for small investors.

In general terms, wallets offer a return with daily credit to the account thanks to their investment in a common investment fund (FCI).

Although their performance tends to be below fixed deadlines, They have the advantage of immediate liquidity, since the remunerated balance ensures the immediate availability of money.

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