These millionaire gurus show that it is possible to be employed and amass a fortune

These millionaire gurus show that it is possible to be employed and amass a fortune
February 9, 2024 – 17:27

There is a select group of executives who managed to reach the level of billionaire without being heirs or founders of large companies.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates either Elon Musk are some of the billionaires most famous in the world and they all have something in common: they are founders or co-founders of successful companies. Another large group of famous tycoons gained access to their fortunes by being heirs as Jacqueline Marsgranddaughter of the founder of the company mars candies either Thomas Pritzkerwhose predecessors founded the chain of Hyatt hotelsof which it is CEO.

However, there is a third group, less abundant and known: those who became multimillionaires for hire or multimillionaires on the corporate ladder. In this category, according to Forbesthere is 26 people who hold positions of executives who managed to become multimillionaires.

Billionaires: how did they achieve their fortunes?

He 69% of the almost 760 American billionaires that appear on the list of Forbes They belong to the category of those who founded, or co-founded, a company. Meanwhile he 27% managed to reach the rank of billionaire thanks to inherit a great fortune. Therefore, almost the 97% of American billionaires belong to these two groups.

But the remaining percentage is that of the billionaires for hire either corporate ladder billionaires. Forbes just found 26 people hired as executives who reached that economic level.

These ultra-rich executives work or worked in only 20 companiesalmost all of them technological either venture capital. Among them, we can mention the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook; to the JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon; already Jonathan Gray, president and chief operating officer of blackstone since 2018.

The newest member of this group is the CEO from the chip company amd, Lisa Sue, who recently became a billionaire amid a surge in the company’s stock price. Is one of the five women who appear on this list.

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