The striking company in which Jeff Bezos, Nvidia and OpenAI invest

The striking company in which Jeff Bezos, Nvidia and OpenAI invest

The company has a star robot that is capable of moving its “body” and “hands” like a human. Fury among the tycoons.

It was revealed that amazonthe company of Jeff Bezosthe technology giant Microsoftthe chip maker, Nvidiaand the parents of ChatGPT, OpenAI, agree in betting on a striking company. It’s about technology Figure AIspecialized in creating humanoid robots.

Figure AI announced last Thursday that he achieved US$675 million in financing thanks to its investors and it was learned that, among them, the aforementioned technological giants were included. Thus, thanks to the vote of confidence from some of the most important names in the artificial intelligence (AI) the company reached worth of US$2.6 billion.

“This new capital will be used strategically to expand the AI training and the robot manufacturingexpand the engineering workforce and advance commercial implementation efforts,” notes the company created less than two years ago in a statement.


Jeff Bezos.


Humanoid robots, the field on which technological giants are betting

OpenAIcompany creator of AI chatbot ChatGPTsigned a collaboration agreement with Figure AI to “develop next-generation AI models” for robotsgiven that believe they can “help in everyday life”.

The star robot of this company is called Figure 01, able to move his “body” and “hands” like a human and he is intended for use in factories and warehouses and even retail sales.

Also could be useful for the defense sectorbut at the moment the company has not announced contracts of this type.

So far this year, the company published several videos to show the your android skills. In one of them you can see the robot grabbing a plastic box with his “hands”; next, walks several steps and finally places the box on a conveyor beltwhile in another video it is seen how Figure 01 is able to use a Keurig coffee machine to make coffee.

figure said that he agreement with OpenAI was intended to help “accelerate Figure’s business timeline” by improving its robots’ capabilities to “process and reason from language.”

There are several companies that are working on humanoid robots, such as tesla, Boston Dynamics either Technologies. There are also several companies that are betting on domestic robots smart at home. At this year’s CES consumer electronics show, both LG as Samsung presented several robots of this type.

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