Fixed term, dollar or inflation: which investment won the race in March

Fixed term, dollar or inflation: which investment won the race in March

Although a slowdown in inflation is projected for this month, it remains in double digits. Meanwhile, the fixed term suffered a decrease in yields and the illegal dollar closed again in negative territory.

Fixed term, dollar or inflation: which won the race in March

For the second consecutive month the illegal dollar became the worst investments in March. In turn, the fixed term currently offers a lower profitability than last months as a result of a release of rates that, at this time, has an average of monthly performance of the 5.75%. The inflationMeanwhile, it seems to be the big winner.

Throughout March, The informal dollar accumulated a decrease of $20 or 1.9%, the second consecutive monthly drop (it had lost $165 or 13.8% in February).

Regarding fixed deadlines, it is worth remembering that the central bank (BCRA) surprised the market in mid-March with a strong lowering monetary policy ratesbringing the cost of debt to 80% annually nominal to “boost consumption and encourage economic investment.”

At the same time, the monetary authority eliminated the minimum rate on fixed termswith the aim of promoting “greater competition in the banking field and providing consumers with more favorable conditions for their savings and investments.”

The rate proposed by most banks is 70%. That is, if they invest $100,000will be received $105,753.42 within 30 days. Which would also imply a monthly performance of the 5.75%.

Refering to inflationit still remains to know the CPI of March but private consulting firms began to publish their final inflation projections for this month, placing them in a range of 10.5% to 13%that is, below the February index but above the blue dollar and the fixed term

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