Cedears: which are the companies that debuted on the local stock market that have the greatest upside potential

Cedears: which are the companies that debuted on the local stock market that have the greatest upside potential

Market experts analyze which papers have the greatest potential for growth in the short term, taking into account the company’s performance.


In recent weeks they joined, first 10 new Cedearsand later announced 17 other international papers that will integrate the local offer. But, beyond that, it is important to know which of them have the greatest upside potential, according to sector experts.

It should be noted that the Argentine Certificates of Deposit (Cedears) They are mirror actions of large companies, such as Google, Amazon or Coca Colaor they follow the price of international indices that are quoted on Wall Street in dollars, but that are quoted in the country and can be purchased in pesos.

“The most notable opportunities lie in Lithium Americas, Marvell Technology and McEwen Mining. Lithium Americas presents significant appreciation potential of up to 74% this yearwith a projected increase in its price from US$6.2 to US$10.9″, reported Nicolas RosetGlobal Market Strategy Analyst at Cohen.

New Cedears: which ones to bet on

For this expert, Marvell Technology could rise up to 29%, which would raise its price from $68 to $88. In the case of McEwen Mining, according to the report of Cohen, the rise could rise to 48%, an increase in its market value from US$8.7 to US$13. “These projections position the aforementioned companies as attractive options for investors looking for growth,” he revealed.

Another important aspect is that both McEwen Mining Inc as Marvell Technology Inc They have Forward P/E values, which is a metric that compares the current price of a stock with its future earnings, of 46 and 9 respectively, which are lower than the industry average which stands at 55 for mining and 80 for the semiconductor company. “This reinforces that these stocks are undervalued”Roset explained.

For the company Lithium Americascarried out the following analysis: “Despite the recent drop in the price of lithium due to the increase in supply, The closure of several mines worldwide would put pressure on the price. Additionally, the prospect of interest rate cuts later in the year creates even brighter prospects amid enthusiasm for green energy and electric vehicles (EVs) that use green energy. This makes now an ideal time for long-term investors to jump into lithium stocks.”

Wall Street: keys to take into account

A report of Balanz maintains that there are several Relevant events will be closely followed by the marketamong which next week stands out the January employment report in the US and Powell’s presentation in the US Congress.

“Despite higher interest rates, stocks have been accumulating solid performance, particularly growth stocks. This is because the higher interest rates are occurring in a context of resilience in economic growth, which has been fueling bets on a soft landing for the economy,” they added.

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