A ranking highlighted the improvement of the business climate in Argentina

A ranking highlighted the improvement of the business climate in Argentina

Although the country is still far from the leaders in this ranking, it managed to rise to 54th place, thanks to an improvement of 1.32 points, being surpassed only by Greece in terms of progress since the last measurement in 2023.

The improvement in the Argentine business climate is attributed to three main axes: foreign direct investment policy, international trade policy and exchange controls.

In particular, The free market reforms promoted by President Javier Milei stand out as key drivers of this improvement, with the aim of encouraging private enterprise and attracting foreign investment.

Although Argentina is still far from the main markets in this classification, such as Singapore, Denmark and the United States, the growth in the business climate is positive news.

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Furthermore, this improvement translates into a projected increase in real per capita GDP growth, investment spending, and foreign direct investment, based on the Vector Autoregression (VAR) model used by the EIU.

The EIU index assesses the attractiveness of the business environment in 82 countries and territories, examining 91 indicators distributed across 11 different categories. These indicators include the political, macroeconomic, labor market, infrastructure environment, among others. Each indicator is scored on a scale of 1 to 5, considering both the past and future projections.

In the global context, Singapore, Denmark and the United States lead the ranking as the best business environments for the next five years. Greece and India have also seen significant improvements in their business climate, standing out for their pro-business reforms and potential for economic growth.

In Latin America, Chile occupies the highest position in the ranking, followed by Mexico and Costa Rica, while Venezuela is in last place.

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