MEP dollar climbs for the third consecutive day and reaches a maximum of almost four weeks

MEP dollar climbs for the third consecutive day and reaches a maximum of almost four weeks

The dollar MEP rises for the third consecutive day this Tuesday, April 16 and reaches a maximum of almost four weeks, while the Cash With Settlement (CCL) also increases, although to a lesser extent, amid a marked devaluation of the Brazilian real in the face of greater global risk aversion after the tension in the Middle East.

In that context, the CCL dollar rises $2.96 (+0.3%) to $1,077.11so the gap with the official is located in the 24%.

For its part, the MEP dollar climbs $10.42 (+1%) to $1,031.97, and the spread with the official one is 18.8%.

Meanwhile, the blue dollar rises $15 (+1.5%) until the $1,030. Thus, the gap rises to 18.5%.

Argentina’s country risk rises in line with international tension

The financial market showed signs of global uncertainty, in the face of geopolitical tension in the Middle East, which kept investor appetite for risk under control.

This country risk measured by the JP.Morgan bank once again exceeded the range of 1,400 basis points and returned to levels recorded at the beginning of April, against the 1,195 units reached a week ago.

Another adverse condition was the global dollar strength following stronger-than-expected retail sales in the United States, which further reinforced the opinion that The Federal Reserve (Fed) may not rush to cut interest rates this year.

Naturally “the country risk (of Argentina) increases due to the bad global climate,” summarized by Cohen, highlighting the general decline in the market and the devaluation of the domestic peso.

The Minister of Economy of Argentina, Luis Caputo, travels this Tuesday night to the United States to participate this week in the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the economic portfolio reported. He will also hold meetings with representatives of the US Treasury to explain “the reforms that are being developed in Argentina to organize the economy,” according to a press release.

The IMF confirmed that it expects recession in Argentina this year and economic recovery next yearwhile praising the progress of the macroeconomy with Milei in the face of an expected recession of 2.8% for the year and inflation of 150%.

“The sharp slowdown in inflation is a consequence of the economic program implemented since December 11, whose pillars are fiscal balance and the recomposition of the balance of the central bank (BCRA).” Caputo recently stated on the social network .

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Tuesday, April 16

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar raise $1 to $869.

How much the future dollar trades at today, Tuesday, April 16

The future dollar for the end of April remains at $883; By the end of May it rises to $963 (+3), while by July it climbs to $1,915 (+0.5%). By the end of the year, meanwhile, the price of the currency advances to $1,290 (+1.2%).

Price of the card dollar today, Tuesday, April 16

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) scale to $1,420.00

Crypto dollar quote today, Tuesday, April 16

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,070.32according to Bitso.

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