The dollar reacts with a slight decline to Israel’s attacks on Iran

The dollar reacts with a slight decline to Israel’s attacks on Iran

The Swiss franc strengthened against the dollar in and currencies react cautiously to the conflict between Iran and Israel.


The currency markets they calmed down this Friday April 19, after the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen soared after learning that Israel had attacked Iran. The country of Benjamin Netanyahu launched an attack against Iranian soil, according to official sources.

The Israeli state press stated that had shot down three drones over the city of Isfahan, in the center of the country, and an official said there were no plans for immediate retaliation. Israeli leaders and military fell silent early Friday.

The climb threatens to drag the region into deeper conflict and, at first, the markets reacted sharply to the news, which caused a massive liquidation of risk assets and drove up oil and gold prices and caused a rise in Treasury bonds and currencies seen as safe havens. .

He Swiss franc rose more than 1% when the first data were known and reached 0.9011 units per dollar, its highest level in two weeks. It then pared gains and was up about 0.3% at 0.909 per dollar as markets calmed following a relatively muted response from Iran.

The reaction of the dollar and other currencies

The dollar index, which measures the US currency against six of its main peersalso rose, but then gave ground and stands at 106.11 units.

He yen remains unchanged at 154.58 per dollar, having risen more than 0.6% in reaction to reports of the attack.

Currencies bounced throughout the European morning session, with the euro initially falling but later rising to $1.0648. The British pound was stable at $1.2434.

Source: Ambito

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