Financial dollars start May stable: MEP operates above the blue

Financial dollars start May stable: MEP operates above the blue

Financial dollars start May without significant changes compared to the last day of April, after the half-sanction that the Bases law obtained in the Chamber of Deputies. While the Cash with Settlement dollar (CCL) operates at $1,091.05, the MEP stands at $1,040.89.

In daily terms, the MEP shows no changes and the CCL falls just 18 cents. The quotes have registered increases of up to 0.3% in the accumulated April and the gap between the “cable” and the official ended the month at 24.6%.

The Chamber of Deputies generally approved the bill “Bases Law” thanks to the support of legislators allied to the Government, which has few deputies in Parliament and achieved half a sanction in general for a package of fiscal reforms that aim to combat inflation and boost investments.

“The position of Deputies was almost taken for granted due to the Government’s latest negotiations, although it is very good for the market to ratify that there are tempting prices given the twin surpluses (fiscal and commercial) that Milei drags as its flagship,” said the analyst Marcelo Rojas.

The BCRA’s international reserves fell to a provisional US$27,575 million this Tuesday, from the US$29,877 million provisionally reported the day before, due to a payment of almost US$2,000 million to the IMF.

The economic context for financial dollars

Last week the president Javier Milei announced a fiscal surplus equivalent to 0.2% of GDP in it first quarter of 2023 as a consequence of the liquefaction of social, retirement and salary policy items.

In this deeply recessive framework, Argentina faces an annualized inflation of 287.9% as of March, although it shows a firm deceleration as a consequence of the recession generated by the crisis and the adjustment.

Also, the Central Bank (BCRA) ordered its second rate cut in April, this time by 10 points and took its monetary policy from 70% to 60%. In this way, the return on fixed terms of small savers continues to fall and varies between 50% and 61%.

How much does the future dollar trade at today, Thursday, May 2

The future dollar for end of May fell 0.2% to $904, while for June fell 0.6% to $929. For end of the yearMeanwhile, the price fell 2.4% to $1,205.

How much does the blue dollar trade at today, Thursday, May 2

He Dolar blue operated in $1,010 for the buys already $1,040 for the saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

Price of the dollar card today, Thursday, April 2

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) reached the $1,433.60.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Thursday, April 2

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,084.99according to Bitso.

Source: Ambito

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