The MEP dollar and the CCL rebound after three falls in a row, in an atypical wheel before the general strike

The MEP dollar and the CCL rebound after three falls in a row, in an atypical wheel before the general strike

Financial dollars rise this Thursday, May 9 and cut a mini streak of three consecutive lossesin a round with limited business, in the face of a massive national strike against the ultraliberal adjustment policy of President Javier Milei.

In this way, The CCL dollar rises 0.6% and stands at $1,082.74therefore the gap with the official reaches 22.7%.

For its part, The MEP dollar advances 0.4% to $1042.50. In this case, the spread with the wholesale exchange rate is 18.1%.

In the informal square, the blue dollar increases $5 to $1,045according to a survey of Ambit in caves of the City.

The national protest was called against a relentless adjustment by the Government, partially paralyzing the country with little public transportation, more closure of banks and supermarkets, among other items.

Operators said that Financial businesses were carried out normally given the electronic modalityalthough there was absenteeism among workers in the sector and other investments were postponed until Friday.

“There are fewer purely circumstantial businesses, almost like a contagion of the decline in external markets, with expected profit-taking against the recent firmness (of prices) in bonds and the stock market (…) The unemployment (strike) only has little influence”said an operator.

The Argentine economy faces a recessionary stage with high inflation and increase in povertyin the face of a strong fiscal adjustment.

The manufacturing Industrial Production Index (IPIm) plummeted a strong 21.2% year-on-year in March, the worst monthly figure since May 2020 when it collapsed by 26.2% in the midst of the pandemic.

The BCRA said that since June it has aligned the settlement period for its exchange operations with international practices, moving transactions from immediate cash to 24 hours, with the idea of ​​fitting wholesale negotiations.

The monetary authority regulates the domestic market through strict exchange control in force since 2019, which has allowed it to accumulate just over $15 billion in reserves since Milei assumed the presidency last December.

The libertarian economist intends to generate a broad deregulation of the economy and therefore seeks Congress to approve an ambitious project called the Bases law, which already has half the approval of Deputies but is complicated in the Senate given the legislative minority it has.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Thursday, May 9

In the Single Foreign Exchange Market, the wholesale dollar rises $1 to $882.50.

Meanwhile, the official retail dollar -without taxes- It operates at $866.46 for purchase and $924.06 for sale this Thursday, May 9. In turn, at Banco Nación it is sold for $861 for purchase and $901 for sale.

Price of the dollar card today, Thursday, May 9

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) it is located in $1,441.60.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Thursday, May 9

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,070.01 according to Bitso.

Source: Ambito

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