Argentine shares fall up to 4.5% on the local stock market and more than 7% on Wall Street

Argentine shares fall up to 4.5% on the local stock market and more than 7% on Wall Street

The Investors remain expectant to the April inflation data which will be known on Tuesday and the debate in committee in the Senate of the ‘Bases Law’ and the fiscal package promoted by the libertarian Javier Milei, after a fourth intermission arranged last week.

Shares in the local market and on Wall Street

The index S&P Merval of the Buenos Aires stock market falls 1%, to 1,393,392.87 units, after losing 2.93% last week. And the shares of the leading panel lose up to 4.5% this Monday, led by Edenor, Loma Negra (-4.42%) and Central Puerto (-4.24%). Meanwhile, only Mercado de Valores (+2.19%), Aluar (+1.9%) and BYMA (+1.17%) are listed in green.

However, the Merval remains close to 1,300 points measured in dollars, its highest level since 2018.

On the other hand, the Argentine shares on Wall Street They operate with drops of 7.6%, led by Edenor, Loma Negra (-5.27%) and Telecom (-5.28%). Meanwhile, only Despegar’s shares rose (+1.28%) on the New York Stock Exchange.

Bonds and country risk

He country risk falls slightly, just 4 points to 1268 units. The sovereign bonds in dollars They are trading in green this Monday, as a consequence of the expectations that exist in the city regarding the treatment of the Bases law and the Fiscal Package. The one that rises the most is the Global 2041 (GD41) which climbs up to 1.1%, also the Global 2029 (GD29), which climbs 0.8% and the Bonar AL35 rises 0.7%. Meanwhile, those that fell the most are Global 20148 (-2.4%), AL41 (-1.6%) and AL29 (-1.1%).

With regards to the CER bonds register majority increases, with increases of up to 2.5%, which is the one that increases the most and is DIP0. The DICP also rose 1.7%, followed by the CUAP (+0.8%). Meanwhile, PAP0 (-0.3%), TX28 (-0.3%) and TX26 (-0.9%) registered falls.

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