JP Morgan anticipated what number inflation will reach this year in Argentina

JP Morgan anticipated what number inflation will reach this year in Argentina

He America’s largest bank, JP Morgam, stated in a report that the price increase will be 5.5% monthly on average in the second semester and will reach 155% at the end of the year. For May, the entity foresees around 5% inflation (well below the April level) and anticipates that it will be traction due to delays in rate increases ordered by the Government.

After the publication of April inflation data, which was 8.8%, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC), the JP Morgan bankshared a report in which he predicted how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will evolve during the coming months in our country.

In that work, JP Morgan makes it clear that it expects consolidate this year the downward path started in January, although with the possibility that the inflation rate will stagnate slightly between 3% and 5% monthly for some time.

It is worth mentioning that the JP Morgan’s projection is 52.7% lower than that of its last report, in which it calculated a total price increase of 207.7% for the entire year. However, on the other hand, the report states that there is a significant portion of repressed inflation and? The Government must move forward in adjusting relative prices so that the slowdown in economic prices is sustainable.

And they warn that the prices of regulated services continue to be 30% below the levels observed in April 2018.

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