New $10,000 bills: when will they reach all users and start working in ATMs?

New $10,000 bills: when will they reach all users and start working in ATMs?

13 days ago the first $10,000 bills began to see the light of day, but the process of putting them into circulation is slow. The deadlines for them to reach all users and when they will work at the ATMs.


On May 7, the new $10,000 bills that the Central Bank (BCRA) decided to issue began to circulate, however they take a while to reach the hands of all Argentines since there are still few in circulation (it is estimated that there are just over 19 million ), but as far as he could tell Ambit from sources close to the entity “this week the arrival of these new monetary papers will accelerate” to the banks and The process of adapting ATMs is already underway.

“This week There will begin to be more of these new papers on the street and in a month, more or less, all ATMs should be programmed to operate with them,” a market source informs this medium. Thus, the BCRA seeks to resolve two of the major complaints that users have made in recent weeks. on social networks: the difficulty of operating in automatic terminals and the scarcity of these new banknotes.

It should be remembered that the first batch of that the Central Bank (BCRA) approved of these banknotes that bear the faces of the images of Manuel Belgrano and María Remedios del Valle to “simplify the use of cash” He arrived in the country a few weeks ago from China.

Note in progress.-

Source: Ambito

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