Cedears of Brazil: BYMA expands the offer with six new companies

Cedears of Brazil: BYMA expands the offer with six new companies

BYMA, Argentine Stock Exchanges and Marketsintroduces six new Argentine Certificates of Deposit (Cedears)providing investors with more alternatives to invest in foreign companies from Argentina and in pesos.

These are instruments of large Brazilian companies whose shares are between the most negotiated in that country. Your negotiation will be enabled according to the following schedule:

  • Banco do Brasil (BBAS3), available from this Tuesday, May 21
  • Find Rent A Car (RENT3), since 05/22.
  • Petro Rio (PRIO3), since 05/23.
  • Hapvida Participaçoes e Investimentos (HAPV3), since 05/24.
  • Lojas Renner (LREN3), since 05/27;
  • Magazine Luiza (MGLU3), since 05/28.

Cedears: what’s coming

These are the first Cedears available in the Argentine market with an underlying in Brazil. In this way, investors have more possibilities to transform their savings into investments.

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At the same time, the new Cedears introduce new features: dcurrency diversification; Companies regularly distribute dividends to their shareholders. These dividends imply tax benefits, since they are subject to a lower profit withholding than other CEDEARs.

With these additions, the Cedears available for trading on BYMA reach a total of 324. Additionally, investors can invest in ETF CEDEARs on BYMA.

New Cedears and their ratios

  • Banco do Brasil (BBAS3). Ratio 2:1

Bank with activity in Brazil and Latin America.

Start trading today.

  • Locate Rent A Car (RENT3). Ratio 2:1

It is dedicated to car rental.

Trading begins on 05/22

  • Petro Rio (PRIO3). Ratio 2:1

It is dedicated to the production of oil and gas.

Trading begins on 05/23

  • Hapvida Participaçoes e Investimentos (HAPV3). Ratio 1:1

It is a health services company.

Trading begins on 05/24

  • Lojas Renner (LREN3). Ratio 1:1

It is a clothing company.

Trading begins on 05/27

  • Magazine Luiza (MGLU3). Ratio 1:1

It is a retail company.

Trading begins on 05/28

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