Stocks operate mixed while bonds lose up to 8.2% and country risk rises

Stocks operate mixed while bonds lose up to 8.2% and country risk rises

The corporate balance sheets begin to arrive and the leading index S&P Merval gains 1% and rises to 1,529,264.7 units.


The Argentine stock market goes up this Friday in his first business, in the midst of strong political conditioning due to the lack of legislative progress on Government initiatives. Corporate balance sheets begin to arrive, highlighting the presentation of the giant Grupo Financiero Galicia with a net profit improved by 94% in real terms for the first quarter of 2024 compared to the results of the previous quarter.

He leading index S&P Merval from Buenos Aires gains 1% and rises to 1,529,264.7 unitstwo days after having recorded its intraday record at 1,584,054.47 points in pesos.

Shares on the local stock market

The shares are listed mixed in today’s day. The one that rises the most is Banco Macro, which climbs 3.45%, followed by Transener (+2.26%) and Comercial Puerto (+2.20%). Meanwhile, those that fell the most are the shares of Ternium (-3.45%), Aluar (-2.20%), Mirgor (-2.20%).

This occurs in a context in which the Senate the committee still does not endorse the treatment of the “Bases Law” and the fiscal package with which President Javier Milei seeks to alleviate economic deregulation to help get out of the recession.

Milei said Thursday night in a television interview that The legislative delay to its proposals plays against the expectations of investors and that this led to the peso in the popular informal (“blue”) market falling the day before to its record high of $1,300.

Bonds and country risk

The sovereign bonds in dollars They are in red this Friday, with falls of up to 8.2%, led by Global 2038. It is followed by the AL 2029 (-2.9%) and the AL30 drops 0.7%. The country risk rises 4 points on the day to 1,437 units. Only Global 2014 rises (+2.41%).

The CER bonds, meanwhile, they are with bullish majority and climb up to 3.2%, led by TX28, CUAP (+2%) and TX26 (+1.4%). The only one that falls is the DIP0 (-0.3%).

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