Financial dollars fall to $22 and approach $1,200; MEP closes the gap with the blue

Financial dollars fall to $22 and approach $1,200;  MEP closes the gap with the blue

The CCL dollar falls to the $1,230 area, while the MEP is positioned at $1,205, only $10 above the blue. The gaps are around 35%.


Financial dollars rebound downwards this Tuesday, May 28, and drag the blue, amid rumors about the intervention of the Central Bank (BCRA) to close the gap and important changes in the cabinet.

He CCL dollar falls $13.77 (-1.1%) to $1,230.79Meanwhile he MEP drops $22.55 (-1.8%) to settle at $1,205.63, only $10 above the informal exchange rate, which on this day drops to $1,195. From these variations, the gap with the official is around 35%.

Stock exchange rate quotes had risen at the beginning of the week, although in a context of low trading volume due to the US holiday. Previously, last week they had shown a strong advance of more than $130, driven by the end of carry tradedoubts about the approval of the law bases and one liquidation of the minor harvest to what was expected for this time.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, the market is now closely monitoring the ministerial changes in the Government of Javier Mileiafter the President accepted the resignation of the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posseand will appoint the current Minister of the Interior as his replacement, Guillermo Francos. It was also confirmed that the economist Federico Sturzenegger He will occupy a new ministry linked to economic deregulation.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Tuesday, May 28

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar opened the week with a rise of $3, from the 890.50 at which it closed on Friday, to $893.50.

How much is the future dollar sold for today, Tuesday, May 28

In future dollar contracts, the price for May cut 0.1% to $896.50While for June it did so by 0.1% $926.50. For July gave up 0.1% to $962 and to November fell 0.4% to $1,147. Toward end of the yearthe price marked the $1,188.

Price of the card dollar today, Tuesday, May 28

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) was located in $1,458.40.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Tuesday, May 28

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,226.99according to Bitso.

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