Cedears Alert: which companies pay dividends in June

Cedears Alert: which companies pay dividends in June

Cedears not only allow an investment portfolio to be dollarized but also some of them pay dividends. In this note, which companies pay dividends in the coming weeks.


The Cedears are Actions mirror of Companies listed abroad can be purchased in pesos and their price is tied to the dollar Cash with Settlement. Some of these companies, in addition, They pay dividends in dollars, hence the investor can obtain an income just by having these assets in your portfolio.

Cedears: what are dividends?

The dividends They are the part of corporate profits that is allocated to shareholders. The companies They choose to maintain balance by reinvesting a percentage and paying the rest as dividends, which can be done in cash or in the form of shares.

Cedears: which companies pay dividends?

Dividends can offset the price of a share that doesn’t move much, instead providing shareholders with an income.

The Companies considered ‘high growth’ generally do not offer dividends, since they reinvest profits to maintain their growth by expanding the business. In this case, the reward for shareholders is a higher-than-expected stock price.

How do you know when dividends are paid?

The only requirement to receive dividends in a company is to have shares of the same on a certain date and that also applies to ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

In the case of Argentina, local market shares and those who own Cedears will be able to observe the dividend calendar through OpenBYMA Data or through the National Securities Commission (CNV) where companies communicate to their shareholders the payment of dividends and other important news for the company. Also, some Settlement and Clearing Agents (ALyC) usually inform the investor about company announcements.

There are four important dates to keep in mind:

  • Statement date: It is the date on which the amount of the dividend is announced.
  • Registration date: It is the one that indicates that all shareholders who are registered on that date will have the right to receive dividends.
  • Ex-dividend date: It is the date from which the share is listed without giving the right to receive the dividend to whoever owns it.
  • Payment date: It is the day on which dividends are paid to shareholders.

Cedears: which companies pay dividends in June?

  • VISA – June 3
  • IBM – June 10
  • Microsoft – June 13
  • Pfizer- June 17
  • McDonald’s – June 17
  • Alphabet – June 17
  • Qualcomm – June 20
  • Blackrock – June 24
  • Pepsico – June 28

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