Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Friday, June 7

Blue dollar today: how much is it trading at this Friday, June 7

He blue dollar remained stable in $1,220 for purchase and $1,250 for sale, according to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City. This happens after having marked a cancellation for the first time in the month.

The parallel currency fell $15 (-1.2%) this Wednesday, after rising $40 (+3.3%) between Monday and Tuesday. Consequently, the gap with the official drilled 40%, and stood at 39.2%. In this way, the Dolar blue It is heading towards its fourth consecutive weekly increase.

The market remains expectant regarding what happens with the Law Bases and the tax package in it Congress. If approved, the dollar could change its recent trend now which would involve a confidence injection in government management.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Friday, June 7

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar fell 50 cents and was listed at $898.50.

How much does the future dollar trade at today, vFriday June 7

In future dollar contracts, the price for trading purposes June rose 0.3% to $924.50, while by the end of July advanced 0.5% to $968. For purposes of August rose 0.4% to $1,018 and for September rose 0.8% to $1,073. Meanwhile, the contracts for the closing of the year rose 0.1% to $1,236.50.

How much is the MEP dollar trading at today? Friday June 7

He MEP dollar gave up 0.7% to $1,274.51, Therefore, the gap with the official fell to 41.9%.

Value of the CCL dollar today, vFriday June 7

He dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) fell 0.5% to $1,298.69 and the spread with the officer he was located in the 44.6%

Card dollar price today, vFriday June 7

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) closed at $1,468.80.

Crypto dollar quote today, vFriday June 7

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1288.57according to Bitso.

Source: Ambito

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