Argentine stocks and bonds recover some of the lost ground: country risk falls below 1,550 points

Argentine stocks and bonds recover some of the lost ground: country risk falls below 1,550 points

After a week to forget, this Monday, stocks and bonds begin to show an upward trend that could once again excite the markets.


The Argentine stock market rises more than 1% this Monday June 10with a rebound in stocks after the sharp fall suffered last week and in bonds, which ended last week with losses of up to almost 11%, even though on Friday they recovered up to 8% of their value.

The bonuses they are quoted with a majority of increases and climb up to 2.9% led by the AE38D, is followed by AL29D, which rises the same percentage and Global 2029 (GD29). For its part, the declines are slight and are close to 2% for GD38 and 0.6% for GD46. Thus, the country risk falls to 1,543 units.

As far as the Leading Panel is concerned, the day looks more green than red. The increase is led by Sociedad Comercial del Plata (+3.5%); Transener (+3.2%); Transportadora de Gas del Norte (2.3%) and YPF (+1.9%).

The Argentine actions abroad They rose up to 2.7% this Monday, led by YPF, followed by Cresud, which climbed 2.29% and Pampa Energía (+2.2%). Meanwhile, the shares of Loma Negra (-0.29%), Banco Macro (-0.46%) and Despegar (-1.08%) fell on Wall Street.

The investment climate

Investors continue with expectation of the treatment of the law Bases and the fiscal package, which will be debated next Wednesday (June 12) in the Senate. Likewise, it is expected that the situation with the Bank of China regarding the currency swap will be clarified (Argentina renegotiates almost US$5 billion) and that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finally approves a disbursement for the fulfillment of the first quarter goals.

In short, what the market observes is How the Government manages to solve its dollar shortage problemwhich is what is generating the most problems and concern in the city these days.

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