Cedears: which are the six companies that experts value to add to the portfolio now

Cedears: which are the six companies that experts value to add to the portfolio now
Cedears: which are the six companies that experts value to add to the portfolio now

The Argentine Certificates of Deposit (Cedears) are equivalent to fractions of shares of large international companies and its price is tied to the CCL dollar (although most are bought in pesos). Although there are more than 300 types of Cedears in the local stock market, There are experts who recommend six in particular to add to investment portfolios.


The technology company created by Steve Jobs, Manzanawent bankrupt historical records in the last days. It should be noted that the company announced its AI (Apple Intelligence).

Vista Oil & Gas

On the energy side, one of the recommended Cedears is Viewan Argentine company that focuses on oil and gas, and that lists its shares only abroad.

Experts maintain that commodity and oil prices are going to rise. Added to the fact that it has very good balances, and apart from that it is an expanding company. Vista has a strong bet in Vaca Muerta, where in the first quarter of the year it added a new drilling team that it hopes will lead to greater production.


Googlethe main search engine and company that provides Internet services, is a leader in Internet products and services, software and electronic devices. The company dominates the distribution of AI functionality and has a 90% market share in search activity.

Free market

Free marketa leader in e-commerce, has a solid position in Latin America, mainly in the Brazil and Mexico marketscountries where most of its profits are concentrated.

Likewise, as reported in the results of the first quarter of this year, Mercado Pago continues to consolidate its position in the market, with a considerable increase in active users and managed assets.


The company Fedex is dedicated to parcel correspondence, with a presence all over the world. The company comes from make a series of adjustments, with a sharp reduction of costs of US$1.8 billion per year from 2024.

Your indicator price/earning is below average of the industry, because that ratio is 22 in the sector and in Fedex it is approximately 14.

S&P 500 ETF

He Cedear of the S&P500 ETF serves to diversify positions since the ETF seeks to replicate the behavior of the main companies with the largest capitalization of the S&P 500.”

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