Dollar: how to buy and sell during the XL weekend

Dollar: how to buy and sell during the XL weekend
Dollar: how to buy and sell during the XL weekend

The buying and selling dollars It will be limited to the alternative segments during this Thursday and Friday, since in the formal segment it is a holiday and there will be no banking or stock market operations.

In a scenario of high inflation and severe limitations on acquiring dollars, numerous applications and virtual wallets have emerged that facilitate this process. These fintechs use the stock market price of MEP dollar for its operations.

One of the most notable alternatives is the crypto dollar, corresponding to the implicit exchange rate in cryptocurrencies. The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies takes place outside the traditional exchange market, allowing transactions 24 hours a day. However, the crypto dollar is unregulated, making it a more volatile and speculative option.

To enter the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to register on a digital platform such as Bitsoin which this Thursday the crypto dollar is trading at $1,297.53. Users must transfer funds in pesos or dollars to the application in order to buy or sell crypto dollars.

Once the transaction is complete, the funds will be available for withdrawal at any time the user wishes. These virtual dollars are not subject to restrictions or exchange controls, offering greater flexibility to those seeking to protect themselves from inflation and economic restrictions.

Crypto dollar: everything about its price

He crypto dollar It operates completely digitally, which allows it to be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Specifically, cryptocurrencies are purchased through virtual wallets. But They are not all cryptocurrencies, but only the so-called stablecoins (stable coins) whose value is tied to the US dollar.

For their part, the 3 most traded are Tether(USDT), USD Coin(USDC) and Dai(DAI).The parity is a DAI, a USDT or a USDC, whose value is equivalent to one dollar. Like 30 years ago, with convertibility, but instead of pesos, cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin cryptocurrencies dollar


Regarding its transactions, since the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is outside the traditional exchange market, Quotes and operations are not suspended on weekends or holidays or after 3 p.m., when banks close: they are still available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week trading. That is to say, you can buy crypto dollars not only from Argentina but from anywhere in the world.

The crypto dollarnot being regulated, offers a more speculative and riskier option, but That is why it is no less attractive for those who want to move away from the formal market and enter a world of uncertainty, volatility and the prospect of profits without the intervention of outsiders.

And to understand, because this crypto dollar operates on weekends, It is enough to understand that cryptocurrency transactions are found by outside the traditional exchange market, Therefore, their quotes and operations are not suspended at any time of the day.

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