Kun Agüero revealed what he invests his money in and what percentage he earns per month

Kun Agüero revealed what he invests his money in and what percentage he earns per month
Kun Agüero revealed what he invests his money in and what percentage he earns per month

Sergio “Kun” Agüero had to leave football suddenly due to a heart problem. Although he flirted with a return to retire with the Independiente de Avellaneda shirt, the club that formed him, Kun decided to continue focusing on his life outside of professional sports.

On a stream channel called “Westcol” he talked about money management and gave details of how he reinvests his profits.

Kun’s investments

“What is the best investment there is?” they asked him. “It depends on what you want to do after generating money. He is making money in this, I am in football. When you stop playing… He has to think about when he stops streaming for example. You have to put your head there and see what I can generate tomorrow. You have, for example, hotels that are good investments. It gives you a fairly high annual percentage, between 12% or 15%. Quite. It also depends where you place it. “You are not going to put a hotel in a place where there are not that many tourists,” she initially explained.

Then the other thing is to have, for example, offices. It is usually quite profitable because you are guaranteed that companies will rent it to you for many years. For five years normally, or it can be for ten years. Then you guarantee that in five or ten years an important company will rent you one or ten offices that you have.. It is an income that you know you have. But you have to do that before, not after.”

In the third instance, Agüero stated: “Then the other, the best investment is that you have an agent who can manage your money well. That you can invest in stocks, in treasury, in bonds, in gold, perhaps what that does is balance the percentages a little given how the world is today, the currency. “You always end up winning.”


Although Kun knew how to take care of his money, there was also room for some luxuries: some linked to cars.

“Stocks are a little more complicated, but in the long run with stocks you end up winning. There is a year when you can lose a lot, such as the pandemic, when many companies have gone bankrupt, but the shares are growing again. If you put in a dollar today, maybe in 20 years you’ll have 500, so to speak… But if you start playing the game of ‘one dollar today, next year I’ll take it out because I won’, it’s not convenient.. If not, think about long-term actions,” she stressed.

Along these lines, he also highlighted that the bonds, gold and treasury is “much safer”but clarified: “These are very low percentages, 2 or 3% annually.. The offices are a little longer. You earn a little more, but you invest a little more. You keep the other, because the shares, the bond, the treasury, you are not investing in something, but you have it with your money. You handle it. That always comes back to your account later. You buy an office, you have rent, but tomorrow if you want to sell it there it will cost you”.

Kun’s lesson on the management of silver

He Kun, who spent almost two decades as a professional, acknowledged that he has “several things,” among which he highlighted “hotels, offices,” but at the same time he noted that he has a group that “has taught him” and that he He prepared to manage his money: “I studied because obviously I believe that a person has to manage their money. He has to know what he does. No one can manage my money for me. One dollar, let them make me a transfer, I could get hot if they do it without telling me. I think it’s a way that no matter how much you trust, they feel that you are controlling them. Because it is your money, what better than to take care of your money”.

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