Bonds in dollars rose driven by law debate Bases and country risk hit lows of the week

Bonds in dollars rose driven by law debate Bases and country risk hit lows of the week
Bonds in dollars rose driven by law debate Bases and country risk hit lows of the week

The porteño bag fell slightly this Wednesday, June 26, while the Argentine stocks that are listed in Wall Street fell across the boardbut the dollar bonds rosewhich is why it deflates risk country. This happened before the debate of the Bases law and the fiscal package in the Chamber of Deputies.

The market kept its attention on the vote to be held on Thursday in the Chamber of Deputies for the approval of the Law Bases and the tax packagepromoted by the government of Javier Milei.

Bonds in dollars and country risk

Dollar bonds closed with improvements this Wednesday. They went up to 3.3%, led by the Global 2041followed by the Global 2029 (+2.9%) and the Bonar 2035 (+1.5%).

He risk country gave up 14 units, or 0.9%, to 1,429 basic pointsas measured by JP Morgan.

“Slightly positive day, after the news that tomorrow the Bases law and fiscal package will be voted on in Deputies. Added to this, the re-confirmation that July income will be paid, is good news for them,” he said Nicolás Cappella, Sales Trade at IEB.

For their part, the sovereigns dollar linked They alternated highs and lows, with the short and long part gaining between 3.7% and 0.9% respectively, while the middle part rounded out a fall of 2.3%.

“The duals were flat throughout the curve, with the exception of the TDE25 which fell more than 3.5%. Going to the curve CERmostly operated slightly downward, losing an average of 0.4% today, highlighting the TZXD5 which falls almost 2%. Finally, the Lecaps They ended the day again offered in the long part of the curve, falling 0.7% on average,” explained Grupo SBS.

Shares and ADRs

The leading stock index S&P Merval of Buenos Aires improved 0.2% to a provisional closing of 1,574,472.21 units, in an unstable and selective business market, after improving 0.7% the day before.

The shares of the leading panel that fell the most were up to 2.2%, led by Telecom, followed by Galicia Financial Group (-1.8%), and Northern Gas Carrier (+1.2%). Meanwhile, those that rose the most were Ternium and Aluar with 3.1%, and 2.5%, respectively.

For their part, the Argentine stocks that operate in Wall Street fell up to 5.4%, led by Galicia Financial Group seconded by Take off (-5.2%), and Southern Gas Carrier (-4.2%).

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