ADRs and bonds rise on Wall Street during the July 9 holiday

Argentine stocks are not active on the local market on the day of the national holiday, but Argentine bonds and stocks are trading higher in New York.


The local stock exchange does not operate this Tuesday, July 9 due to the July 9 holiday, but sovereign bonds and shares of Argentine companies listed on Wall Street did so and showed a positive trend at the start of the day.

The ADRs mark increases of up to 3.14% on the New York Stock Exchange, led by BBVA and Grupo Financiero Galicia (2.94%). Next among those that rose the most was IRSA (2.7%). Meanwhile, only Loma Negra ADR (-0.38%) and the shares of Bioceres (-0.54%) and Despegar (-0.37%) fell.

The dynamics of bonds and country risk

The sovereign bonds in dollars They rise up to 1.7%, led by Global 2041 (GD41), Global 2046 (GD46), which climbs 1.5% and Global 2041 (GD41), which climbs 1.41%.

A positive trend is also observed in the Euro bondsalthough less marked, with a rise of 1.14% in GE38, followed by GE35 (+1.23%) and GE31 (+0.7%).

The Bonares, meanwhile, are trading mostly down. In fact, the AL41 fell sharply (-3.46%), while the AL35 lost only 0.12%. Meanwhile, the AL30, which pays capital and interest this Wednesday, July 10up 0.32% and the AE38 improves its price by 0.21%

“After the coupon cut on bonds for the payment of rent and amortization, the markets react positively on our independence holiday. It seems like a reversal after several negative days,” he says. Ambit a city analyst.

Source: Ambito

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