Crypto Dollar: How much is the exchange rate that never sleeps on the July 9 holiday?

On the holiday for the Independence Day in Argentina, he crypto dollar It is the only currency that operates in the local market. Tuesday, July 9. In that context, the exchange rate that never sleeps operates in line with the latest closing of the Blue dollar, although it shows a slight downward trend.

It should be remembered that, in the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar rose 50 cents on Monday to $918.50 per unit.

He Blue dollar started the week on the rise when closing in $1,410 for purchase and $1,440 for sale Yesterday, according to a survey by Ambit in the caves of the city. The parallel currency went up $20 after a $15 climb on Friday, thus maintaining the upward trend. By mid-day, the price touched $1,450, before moderating its rise.

In this context, the informal sector distanced itself from the CCL and the MEP, which gave way during the day. MEP dollar quoted at $1,386.90 and the Cash with Settlement (CCL) was sold to $1,385.33.

How much is the crypto dollar worth?

In this context, the crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollarthis Tuesday, July 9, rises slightly and operates at $1,411.75, behind the blue, according to the cryptocurrency platform Bitso. This could be read as an indicator of a slight correction expected for the informal exchange rate on Wednesday after a very strong jump and a slight drop in financial dollars.

It must be remembered that the value of Crypto dollar offers a projection of the parallel exchange rateso following its evolution is advisable when there are no markets.

Crypto Dollar: Everything about its price

He crypto dollar It operates completely digitally, allowing it to be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Specifically, cryptocurrencies are purchased through virtual wallets. But These are not all cryptocurrencies, but only so-called stablecoins whose value is tied to that of the US dollar..

On the other hand, the 3 most traded are Tether(USDT), USD Coin(USDC) and Dai(DAI).The parity is a DAI, a USDT or a USDC, whose value is equivalent to one dollar. As 30 years ago, with convertibility, but instead of pesos, cryptocurrencies.

As for its transactions, as the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is outside the traditional exchange market, Quotes and trading are not suspended on weekends or holidays or after 3pm when banks close: they remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. This means that you can buy crypto dollars not only from Argentina but from anywhere in the world.

The Crypto Dollarnot being regulated, offers a more speculative and riskier option, but This makes it no less attractive for those who want to get away from the formal market and enter a world of uncertainty, volatility and prospects of profits without outside intervention.

And to understand, because this crypto dollar operates on weekends, It is enough to understand that cryptocurrency transactions are located outside the traditional exchange market, Therefore, the quotations and operations of these are not suspended at any time of the day.

Source: Ambito

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