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Pension reform for women

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Herr Strasser says: “What really brings something is the pension reform for women”, because 16 percent of women retired earlier because the house had been paid off, the husband was earning well, the first grandchild was coming and the mother was no longer so go well Dear Mr. Strasser: Who is supposed to take care of the grandchild if there are not enough kindergarten teachers? And who helps the mother when, as at present, there are not enough nursing staff?

I (born in 1969, working part-time) have been taking care of my mother (born in 1935) with increasing intensity for the past two years because she cannot get a place in a nursing home. With the best will in the world, I can’t imagine working full-time again, or would I have been happy to be able to retire at the age of 60.

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One more detail: I can’t take care leave for my mother either, because we don’t live in the same household. Many of my friends also provide childcare services to parents or grandchildren. I think that we women achieve a lot on the “hidden” job market. Only that is not seen and is apparently worth nothing. Whether raising the retirement age for women will really help so much – I’m very curious about that and I don’t believe it either.

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