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The new capangas of the quebrachal

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The truth is that, at that time, isolated in territories far from the centers of power, loggers and their families worked for vouchers that were only redeemable in businesses owned by companies that exploited quebracho. That kind of worthless money, only printed at the company’s total discretion, was the bargaining chip in a real world marked by marginalization and injustice imposed by the owners, who indiscriminately appropriated real money from the sale of goods generated by a culturally enslaved society.

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Not even instinct made those dominated react in such a situation. Generations accustomed to opprobrium as a normality resembled the story of the circus elephant that, as a child, tied to a stake with a simple chain, would get tired of trying to free itself until, defeating its will, it just got used to it. Already adult and strong, the stake and the simple chain only reminded him of the impossibility of freeing himself by settling for captivity.

Two Argentine films from different eras efficiently portrayed the situation in the Quebrachales: “Las aguas bajan Turbias” and “Quebracho”. In the latter, the reaction of the spectators applauding at the image of the arrival at the companies of the inspectors of the Secretary of Labor and Welfare of the National Government in charge of Juan Perón, for the sole purpose of ending a regime of exploitation, was peculiar. .

Seventy years later Argentina seems to have become a great quebrachal. Isolation policies have been transforming a sector of our population into virtual loggers mired in misery. New managers, administrators of plans and perks, have colonized generations convincing them of the impossibility of changing their situation and, therefore, defeating their ability to react to injustice, making them like the circus elephant.

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Seventy years later, a political elite has assumed the power to indiscriminately print paper money, like company vouchers from another time, quickly distancing us from the real economic power centers and monopolizing the product of our collective effort, today represented by the dollar, for their discretionary and sometimes corrupt use.

Seventy years later it is paradoxical that, in the name of Peronism that once defended the oppressed, policies totally opposed to popular interests are applied, renting poverty in an effort to perpetuate it. Social ascent and the strengthening of the middle class were the doctrinal pillars on which Justicialism was sustained and today a gang, in its name, generates the opposite.

We are in time to get out of this decadent path. We must assume that cultural change is inevitable for future generations to break the chain and free themselves from the stake that today keeps them tied to their own frustrations. It is possible if we integrate into the world, if we understand that we cannot be alone. It can be achieved if we courageously face the new capangas of the quebrachal.

President of the Cities in Action Party. City Deputy (mc)

Source: Ambito

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