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The dollar rose because the future is spooky

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May the candidate Patricia Bullrich winsaid verbatim: “We are convinced that Argentina going to have to go out with Argentine savingsbecause the capital will not come for a while”. Another playpen? – Says someone who was already part of a government that confiscated deposits, the dollar went from $1 to $4 in a short time.

May Rodríguez Larreta winwho believes that the best thing is for the markets to decide and make it float, without enough dollars. If restrictions were lifted today, the dollar would have no ceiling.

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May former President Mauricio Macri winwhich devalued 500% during his administration, and today he promises to do the same, but faster, which means that he can produce a dollar stampede, in the midst of social chaos.

May the ruling party win and that everything resembles the current administration, more rigorous with currencies, with more controls, stricter, than would generate more operations through alternative markets and the gap continues to widen.

Teachers are part of the problem

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Students prefer to believe that they studied economics, and can control what they do not see. Sometimes we show them the black swans that temporarily make them aware. Some have been taught that hunger and misery are part of development, and they believe that some equations explain it better than words. They have been taught the formulas, the identities, and they believe it to be the absolute truth.

They come to the Master’s degree from oblique institutes where they learned with functional interns to the system. We ask you to review the understanding. Because the dollar does not always have to quote based on the amount of currency, the financing of public spending with issuance, and the backing of convertibility (which did not even exist 22 years ago).

We ask you to forget for a moment the pertinent and necessary questions: What are the effects of monetary and fiscal policies on financial markets, aggregate economic activity, the price level, and the external sector of the economy? What are the monetary policy options or the regulation of short-term capital movements that exist in these small economies integrated into trade and international financial flows?

The economic key also has to do with economic expectations emerging from political expectations and political events. For example: the devaluation of European currencies, are related to the uncertainty generated by the war, not for monetary and fiscal aspects that will eventually be explained in the future. We also ask them: How much could the “blue dollar” be worth if Alberto Fernández resigns and Cristina Kirchner succeeds him, as is constitutionally required?

The Naked King Pushes the Dollar Price

You had not seen, heard, or read it on any channel, portal, or radio station associated with the opposition (approximately 90%). A few days ago, the phenomenon of social networks prevented the media siege woven by the hegemonic media that protects the yellow party from the plutocracy from continuing. Although Patricia Bullrich had already threatened to “break the face” of Felipe Miguel (Rodríguez Larreta’s minister), the inmate accelerated with a delirium of shelving among the members of the PROwhich reminds us of the video where the officials of María Eugenia Vidal were spied on in her own Bank (Province) while preparing, according to the audio: a Gestapo to persecute trade unionists. It was obvious that the video came from the spies of the pater gang, because Vidal flirted with being a candidate. behind the news Vidal went from having half a car, and half an apartment, to living in his new property on “the island.” From then on he moved from the slope of Larreta to the slope of Macri. She explained: “because Macri protects me” … Clear, of himself.

The leak of the chats of Minister Marcelo D’Alesandro (who asked for a license, or they took off from him) strips a gang of public figures with first and last names, perpetrators of indecent acts that society, its institutions and the Justice, intend to continue ignoring (Santiago O’Donnell). The news confirms the leaks. D’Alesandro refuses to hand over his phone at the request of politicians from his alliance.

Gerardo Milman, Patricia Bullrich’s right-hand man He was heard and denounced for saying that he was aware of the attack against Cristina and would have said: “when it happens, I will be on my way to the coast.” At the same time it emerged that he did business (conflict of interest) incompatible with his position with suppliers, and he lives an expensive life that cannot be justified with the resources he declares. He named models in key positions, is suspected of having operated on D’Alesandro. He also refuses to hand over the cell phone. The political trials that 11 governors and the President of the Nation are presenting against the judges of the Supreme Court due to poor performance, which have improperly favored the Government of the City of Rodríguez Larreta (a great publisher of advertising guidelines in the militant media).

The auto elected Horacio Rosatti, president of the Supreme Court who at the same time was appointed president of the Council of the Magistracy he doesn’t want to hand over the phone either.

The leaks of the spiritual retreat in Lago Escondido, financed by an important multimedia, where not only this official participated, but also executives of the “great Argentine newspaper”, and members of the Judiciary. All this is part of an unsustainable embarrassment of the institutional system. A group of professors, graduates and students from the UBA Law School asked for an academic trial to be held against Judge Julián Ercolini (guest tourist who ordered how to answer if asked).. The National Government requested the Council of the Magistracy to initiate an investigation to determine if the judges Julián Ercolini, Pablo Yadarola, Carlos Mahiques and Pablo Cayssials have incurred in “any supposed bad performance” with the trip they made along with Buenos Aires officials, former agents intelligence and media businessmen to Lago Escondido in October of this year (2022 TELAM).

The journalist Juan Alonso denounced Supreme Court judge Rosenkrantz and a Macrista senator who met in Uruguay with Pepín Simón, a fugitive from justice. All this adds to the grotesque of the rebellion of Pepín Simón, head of the macrismo judicial table who has not obeyed the extradition request for almost 3 years, and his relationship with the judge rosenkratzwhich does not enforce the measure.

The “cajoneado” attempted murder of the vice president that revealedeither connections and financing of the company Caputo Hermanos to the violent group of the Federal Revolution that does not advance The discovery of the lawyer who links D’Alesandro and Rodríguez Larreta in the attack on Cristina.

The “fake” dollar

Exhibiting extraordinary conjectural ignorance, Milei included Cristina Kirchner among socialist politicians; Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri, Alberto Fernández, Ricardo López Murphy and José Luis Espert.

In another order of things, Marcos Peña reappeared, just when we are seeing a constant appeal to social frustration in the media and social networks, filtering messages according to the preferences of the stunned recipient, reducing diversity and promoting the confirmation of synchronized swimming . This is not innocent, it is intentional. Muddling the field with trolls and deniers, ecolobists who create monographs of dubious scientific rigor, to activate simple explanations that are convincing.

Economics and political science are subjects of soporific complexity. If an individual understands everything that is explained to them, it is likely that they are transferring conclusions that are as comfortable as they are false.

prowls the post fascismthat according Enzo Traverso would be a kind of neoliberalism “by the hard way”referring to the new authoritarian movements that do not have fascist origins, but that adopt measures or support ideologies and designs that closely resemble fascism.

For the ideologically “liberals in the broadest sense”, all the candidates are populists, because they “believe” that populism is an ideology. They don’t realize that populism is a methodology, but when something becomes a beliefwith the help of the environment, not at all becomes immune to argument. Although they did not study Political Science, they assume that if it is not what they say, it is better not to listen to explanations.

As examples of populism we have Trump, Bolsonaro, Le Pen, Erdoan, Orbán, Lula, Maduro, Cristina, Evo Morales, Correa, etc.who do not have a common denominator from the doctrines.

Many false economists, highly ideological, tend to use the word “populist” in a pejorative sense, in order to denigrate certain economic policies. Remember the Austrian sacristans, that Ludwig von Mises, attributed to communism the responsibility of fascism for attacking the free market and politicizing the economy. Paradoxically, today the “libertarians” politicized the economy to force the free market, invoking von Mises.

Graduate Professor UBA and Masters in private universities. Master in International Economic Policy, Doctor in Political Science, author of 6 books. @PabloTigani

Source: Ambito

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