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But just “talking stupid” won’t work! The government representative – our Miss State Secretary – has (in the ZIB, note) rejected every argument of the climate protector and constantly talked about “We want to turn really big screws!”. She did not explain or explain this statement. This sentence reminds me of cabaret by Priol, Gruber, Nuhr or Eckl.

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These ladies and gentlemen use sentences like this when they want to amuse their audience. Such phrases have no place in politics! With the current climate policy, we are heading towards horrendous fines from 2030 onwards. With a bit of goodwill, we could now use this money to expand renewable energy more quickly. we don’t! Build more storage power plants. we don’t! Or save billions of liters of fuel by reducing driving speed. we don’t! Drag seriously meant activities for more climate protection in the mud – that’s what we do!

Josef Arminger, Linz

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Source: Nachrichten

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