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Communication, artificial intelligence and SMEs

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All this gives them a personality, a seal of belonging to this SME classification. Those that manage to sustain themselves over time become dynamic companies that manage to overcome the changing day to day. They easily adapt to new scenarios, and in most cases boost their growth and the professionalization of their areas with critical resources. Thus covering himself with unmistakable and unmatched dynamism, courage and speed.

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But this also makes it difficult for them to do some of the most basic management tasks and of course those related to strategic communication. It is often difficult for them to discuss the medium and long term. Planning becomes intricate, with the need to put out fires every day. As also in many cases the need to empower with resources or professionalize them, some area of ​​the company becomes a structural risk that should not exist.

In several of the points mentioned, for example, dynamism, is where AI and SMEs find a point of connection. This incipient technology and still with an uncertain future in terms of location in the strategic plan of the main areas of an organization, is disrupting all industries. Some see it as a threat, others as a tool with a lot of potential, what it will undoubtedly be is an actor that will have a very strong presence in the coming years.

Going back to the initial sentence of “technology does not stop its evolution” and splitting it into two unconscious concepts that it leaves, I think first of the factor of not deepening that implicitly leaves the fact of being in constant movement. And on the other hand, focus on the term evolution, which is very similar to change, but which in this case suggests an improvement, a growth, a movement towards something better.

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The vast majority of SMEs have these two characteristics, that of not being able to delve into some perhaps relevant aspects of their management and strategic communication, due to their intrinsic speed. As well as the constant evolution, that search not linked to ambition, but to the sense of subsistence that the environment and scenario where it must act presents, optimizing and improving its processes continuously.

Therefore, from the conceptual to the structural, AI and SMEs share many points of connection in their DNA. Why then should they walk away or not share their paths? It seems to me another great obviousness to observe that technology has managed to break the gap between tools for large companies and tools for small or medium-sized ones. This democratization has already been seen in various areas of organizations, but above all in strategic communication where the difference can only be in the budget. That even on many occasions this is challenged by creativity in the technological scenario like no other, but that will be for another article.

If you are unaware of the scope of artificial intelligence or its applications today, perhaps its brilliance and resonance make you believe that it is something very sophisticated and therefore you find it very foreign to the day-to-day life of an SME company. But it is a big mistake, nowadays AI is already being used by many medium and even small companies, in their daily actions, applying it to their different processes and granting resonant improvements.

Of course, AI has a face, perhaps the most relevant, which is one level above the applications that an SME can put into practice. Undertaking complex developments, with large teams and investments put at the service of it. But there are endless tools that this technology has allowed, and they are within the reach of SMEs, look, I’ll tell you about some of them.

Stock AI, Stable Diffusion and Dall.E-2 they generate photos with a few indications, which are obviously royalty free. Murphy converts text into a human-sounding voice. synthesis and super creator create videos by entering a simple text. Lex Page, CopyAI, ChatGTP, WordTune, Craftly and Write it.ai They assist in the generation of texts, their reformulations, etc. AssemblyAI converts audio into highly accurate transcripts. IdeasAI Generates product and business ideas. Mirage produces 3D models with some basic indications. Mem and TimelyAI they are organizers of time and teamwork. smartwriter Analyze leads and write personalized emails. NativeChats allows you to speak to your customers in their native language. And many, many more.

These applications that use AI as the main part of their operation are a great example that SMEs and this technology can and should go hand in hand. Many of those mentioned may even be linked to communication work within the organization. Content generation, teamwork optimization, lead management, digital marketing, etc.

Their entry barrier is usually very accessible, beyond the fact that they have various marketing models, in general, it requires a subscription or premium plan where one can use the full potential of the tool. Another reason for AI to definitely enter the operation of SMEs.

Obviously and in terms of optimization of resources, the use of these tools, as with any other. It must be linked to the analysis of the objectives and place within that general strategy and in particular of the tactic in question to which it will assist. Do not forget the standard of the tool that it has and not the end or objective that a technology has.

The purpose must always be ahead, keeping in mind that it will be the path and not the destination. Notwithstanding this, welcome AI to SMEs and above all in this case to their strategic communication. To exploit its full potential and make use of its democratizing character, increasingly promoting small and medium-sized companies in competition with large corporations.

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Source: Ambito

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