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The basic wages of the agreement have already lost all the battles

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He Conventional Basic Salary, is the salary that each dependent receives, at least, for their job category within the company in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement. This basic agreement emanates solely from the salary scales of each Collective Bargaining Agreement. It does not emanate from the law. It is set for each union activity.

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The basic benefits are divided according to the employment category of each dependent, by position and/or position held, and are obtained through the Parity Law.

The salary scales are those indicated by the Basic Salaries of the Agreement, which are always above the Minimum vital and mobile salary established by the National State.

The Basic Salary of the Agreement is the salary that serves as the natural base for all settlement effects, together with the other items, but this salary is the main one and serves as the principle of the workers’ assets.

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The Conventional Basic Salary must be in the column of “Salaries subject to withholding” as the first row inside each salary receipt.

I want to show you, clearly, 24 unions and their basic agreements, which represent 85% of private salaried work.


Two institutes are part of the Basic Salary Agreement. Antiquity, if any. Presenteeism, if the Union will pay for it.

The basic salary of the agreement + seniority + presenteeism, make up, together with overtime, holidays and all kinds of remunerative items, the gross salary.

Now let’s see, the gross salary is the salary that still did not suffer deductions.

The highest basic in Argentina is $373,039, Telecommunications union.

If we are generous and add to this basic, presenteeism, if this union recognizes it and has seniority, and then we make the legal discounts (17%) plus the union 4%, we are in the presence of approximately a salary of $300,000 in hand. .-

Now, the reader will wonder, how do you get to the end of the month with 300 Lucas if the basic food basket is at $165,000 and a rent does not drop below 80,000 pesos, below the average.

With this example, clear, simple and real, we must be aware that Argentina needs a reform of its labor laws, it needs to review all the CCTs and correct all the basics of the agreement.

The passage of time, new technologies and the pandemic have modified the traditional ways of working, generating new work formats, which is not the same as new jobs. The technological revolution or the labor revolution requires these new labor modalities and trained and qualified workers.

We find ourselves living what has been called the fourth industrial revolution. This process of technological and industrial development implies the use of all these technological resources, which since the pandemic have accelerated remarkably.

In this regard, I have been clear and forceful when I said that the future will not forgive those countries that abdicate knowledge and technology.

For this reason, labor regulations must be adapted to these changes as soon as possible, since, otherwise, they become obsolete, creating deep legal gaps. The world changes, work changes, workers change, it will be important that labor regulations also change, of course, always respecting the essential principles of labor law, taking care of the worker and the employer at the same time and ensuring the income from private activity .

Source: Ambito

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