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No smoking outdoors?

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Smoke-free Dolce Vita

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Italy is famous for its enviably easy, indulgent lifestyle – and for its consistency when it comes to smoking bans. Smoking in public buildings, bars, restaurants and hotels has been banned in the neighboring country to the south for exactly 20 years. That seemed almost unthinkable at the time, but it worked fabulously. As a reminder: In Austria, the smoking ban in gastronomy came into force in 2019. And in this country, too, you can do it without smoke – you quickly get used to it. Now the Italians are going one step further and want to ban smoking outdoors as well. No more cigarettes in front of bars, at bus stops and in parks, to protect your lungs and heart – and because you should be reasonably healthy for the real Dolce Vita.

Dietlind Hebestreit


Please priorities!

Cigarettes are unhealthy. Word got around. Enacting bans where people are affected by passive smoking makes sense. However, banning cigarette consumption outdoors as well is going too far. Avoiding stress, cell phone excesses or greasy food would also save lives. A lot could be banned. But do we want guardians to check if we’re sleeping enough, eating healthy, and not surfing the internet too much?

Vices are part of being human. It is an illusion to forbid everything that is harmful. When it comes to bans, please set priorities: For example, what destroys wine and schnapps in the lives of alcoholics and their families would be more worthwhile to start with.

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