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Olympics for all nations?

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The Olympic Rings
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Christoph Zöpfl

Christoph Zöpfl

Head of sports department

peace demo

Russia has crossed a red line with the war of aggression against Ukraine. Belarus, as Putin’s accomplice, should also be condemned. It remains to be seen whether outrage on a political level and sanctions on an economic level are effective means of ending the war. There is no alternative to these measures. But sport could be a platform on which bridges can be built. Expelling young people from Russia and Belarus from the Olympic family hardens fronts where none should be: on the sports field. I imagine the games in Paris as a big peace demonstration. That is naïve – just like the hope of finally being able to stop Putin by expelling him.

Reinhold Pühringer

Reinhold Pühringer

Sports Editor

No extra sausage

Putin is known to use Russian sports stars for propaganda. So why give him that opportunity? Yes, it’s true that such a ban hits athletes who can’t help the war, but neither can the supermarket cashier who loses his job because of Western sanctions. It is the very essence of sanctions to increase the pressure on those in power by means of social cuts. Why should the sport get an extra sausage? It is not surprising that the IOC, of ​​all people, is still holding the door open to Russians and Belarusians. Expect nothing less from an organization that would rather snuggle up to autocrats than look closely at internment camps (1936, 2022).

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