Are April Fools really funny?

Are April Fools really funny?

Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Editor-in-Chief Life and Health

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April fools have a long tradition in our family. Even the grandparents liked to talk about how they skilfully fooled their loved ones. Back then – so the story goes – children were sent to the grocer’s on April 1, just for fun, to buy snail blood, goat’s eggs or currant seeds. Incidentally, a really good April Fool’s joke only succeeds if it catches its recipient in a moment of deceptive security. In addition, it should sound plausible and never compromise the April story. If you don’t succeed on April 1st, you have the next opportunity – according to good Upper Austrian tradition – in four weeks when it says “On May 1st you send the donkey into the hay!”

Barbara Eidenberger

Barbara Eidenberger

Head of online editing

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Unfortunately, April 1st is rarely about humorous feats, but rather about false reports that – more or less – pretend to be absurd or terrible. The person who is being hoodwinked briefly enjoys the shock of the person being hoodwinked, finally calls out the supposedly relieving “April, April” – and often only finds it funny on his own. If you don’t laugh, you’re a spoilsport, because on April 1st there will be laughter. That’s the custom. But as it is, with jokes on command and according to the calendar, they don’t really catch fire. It is said that the malice of a good joke is the barb that makes it stick. But humor should never come across as cramped, otherwise only a grimace of cheerfulness remains.

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