Discussion about the Hoamatland: justified?

Discussion about the Hoamatland: justified?
Stelzhamer statue in Linz
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Nora Bruckmuller

Nora Bruckmuller

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When questioning the discussion about the national anthem, the first thing to remember is how our “hoamatland” is organized politically: democratically. It is no news that the collective discussion and negotiation of issues is not always effortless and enjoyable. In a country in which Jews were systematically exterminated up to 77 years ago and the monarchy ended less than 105 years ago, it cannot be a mistake to constantly deal with anti-Semitic burdens and the expectations of “submission” that are carried along. If you have any doubts, check out the latest anti-Semitism report: 36 percent of respondents believe that Jews rule “the international business world.”

Helmut Atteneder

Helmut Atteneder

Editor culture


What do Richard Wagner, Hermann Bahr, Peter Rosegger and Franz Stelzhamer have in common? They were artists and, to varying degrees, anti-Semites. Their works are still read or played. That is fair and reasonable. If these gentlemen had primarily been noticed as anti-Semites and if this had determined their artistic work, it would be something different. The IG authors bring up this media topic again and again and without cause, because it is ideally suited for activism. This also applies to the text line of the Hoamatland “Wia a Hünderl sein Herr”, which heated up tempers for a short time three years ago. The gentlemen and women authors are welcome to write a new anthem, I’m afraid nothing better will come of it.

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