Project Hitler House: back to the start?

Project Hitler House: back to the start?
The memorial stone in front of the Hitler house
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Michael Schäfl

Michael Schäfl

Editor Politics

“Especially now” not

The dispute over the Hitler house has been going on for years. It is completely understandable that oversaturation and frustration sets in. But when it comes to the birthplace of the man whose madness plunged the world into chaos, then “now more than ever” shouldn’t apply. Then the police can’t move in.

Practical thinking: the police already have a headquarters in Braunau, the ring road that runs past the house is too busy for emergency vehicles, and the house with gabled roofs and decorative archways, which is in need of renovation anyway, does not seem to fit the image that the police would give themselves. Turning the house into a place of remembrance would not only be doing the police a favor, but also the historical conscience.

Philip Hirsch

Philip Hirsch

Head of regional department

Finally a solution

Some debates drag on for so long that one threatens to lose sight of the goal. The discussion about the use of the Hitler house is an example of this.

After a seemingly never-ending legal battle with the previous owner, it was clear after what seemed like never-ending debate: the police should station themselves at the birthplace of the mass murderer. This is a symbolic solution: the defenders of the rule of law move into the place in front of which diehards light grave candles to this day.

Discarding all plans again and starting a year-long discussion about what to do with the historically burdened building would send the wrong message.

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