Business: how to overcome frustration when starting a business

Business: how to overcome frustration when starting a business

Do you want to grow professionally and have your own brand? It’s over here. If you have an idea that you are passionate about and you have an action plan to carry it out, no one can stop you. However, when starting the business you always wanted, you can run into multiple difficulties -from exhausting days to cycling in payments or the delay in recovering the investment. Faced with this discouraging panorama, what are you going to do? My main advice is go forward and get over the frustration. But in what way?

Frustration can be the key to success. Kind of like he who loses wins. Many times, to achieve a goal, you have to go through difficult times: everything is part of the natural process of learning and growth. So how do we not throw in the towel? The people who achieved success are not better than you, they simply knew how to overcome critical moments.. When launching your own project, the key is to overcome frustrations and adjust the work plan.

The fundamental thing in a frustration is understand what decisions you are making that are leading you to that problem. To get out of the well it is important to be self-critical and see what are the points that should be improved. Once identified, create a new action plan to reach another result and not fall into the same thing again. If that roadmap fails again, you have to re-adjust until we find the goal we are looking for.

Value achievements, however small they may be, if you already you made the decision to start that It is a great achievement! You’re already at stake, most don’t even dare! Each step forward is very valuable and brings us closer to our dream. Entrepreneurs are people who they take risks, find business opportunities and adapt to changes.

Being an entrepreneur is not associated with success, but with the ability to overcome frustration. That is why I believe that an entrepreneur is not born or made, simply it is decided to be An entrepreneur is someone who pursues his dreams and sees a problem as part of the evolution to achieve them.

5 tips for do not abandon the career of undertaking

  • Be clear about how much you are going to give of yourself.

The first question we have to ask ourselves when we dream something is: How much am I willing to give of myself to achieve it?. How much time am I willing to invest in it? What things am I willing to sacrifice? Dreams are not achieved overnight, they require time, effort and perseverance. Problems appear in the short term, dreams in the long term.

  • Putting together a plan (and being prepared to change it)

It’s important to have a plan detailed and realistic to achieve our dream, with clear and measurable objectives short, medium and long term. It is also essential to be ready to adapt our plan according to the circumstances and learn from our mistakes. Being flexible in unforeseen situations, recalculating and adjusting our roadmap.

  • learn from problems

When we face barriers on the way to our dream, it’s important to stay motivated and not give up. Instead of seeing problems as something negative, try to see them as opportunities to learn and improve. Even a problem can be an alert that allows us to choose a different alternative. If the dream is big, There is no choice but to fall and get up again.

  • Exercise resilience and stamina

An entrepreneur is capable of recover quickly of the failures and obstacles that are presented to him, maintaining his inspiration and Focus on the end goal. He has a strong passion that drives him to overcome any difficulty. He is willing to work hard and persist in his goal, even when things don’t go his way. He is creative and thinks outside the box to find innovative solutions.

Although we always question ourselves when we are going to see our dream come true, the strength of a business depends on many factors beyond time. The industry, its economic model, the competition and who is executing the plan are also determining aspects.

You can use the following check list to assess the strength of your business:

  • It is important to have a good work team, committed and trained.
  • When the business plan is validated and the demand for the product or service begins to appear in the market.
  • Generate stable and sustainable income.

This can take months or years to achieve. The important thing is not to lose focus and continue.

C.Business coach for entrepreneurs, businessmen and athletes.

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