Topless: ban also for men?

Topless: ban also for men?
The port of Portofino
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Roswita Fitzinger

Roswitha Fitzinger


No body

Whether on the way to the summit, along the running route, on the bike – you now encounter them again with great regularity: men without Leiberl. The question is: do I want to see sweaty torsos?

Wimpy, six-pack, or chicken-chested, the thing is, I have to, whether I want to or not. But the worst are really those who present their bare upper bodies while strolling through the city, sipping their iced coffee topless just because the sun is beating down and it’s so practical. Not doing so would not only be kinder to the skin, but an act of deference to those who don’t want to know how someone’s build and hair is. If you don’t understand that, you need a dress code.

Clemens Thaler

Clemens Thaler

Editorial Manager, Deputy Head of Services

Does not have to be

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of topless strollers in Italian or other cities myself – neither for women nor for men. But do you really have to ban everything and threaten fines of 500 euros?

A bit of personal responsibility and self-determination can also be left to holidaymakers, even if some may push the questions of good taste to their own detriment. It should go without saying that you don’t go into a church or onto the most beautiful piazza in your swimming trunks or topless. At least that’s what you learned as a kid. You don’t need a ban. And when it’s really hot, I have at least some understanding from the construction workers.

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