Innovative and sustainable proposals, the new challenge for gastronomic operators

Innovative and sustainable proposals, the new challenge for gastronomic operators

Gastronomy is a field in constant movement and the great challenge today is to adapt to new trends and take into account variables such as vegetarianism, sustainability and the value of the dishes.

The kitchen is always in motion. Evolution is constant because the act of eating involves much more than eating: it is also a sociocultural expression with global and regional impact, and that combines aspects of nutrition and sustainability with the pleasure of flavors and aromas. Thus, each year the way we eat changes, because new ingredients become fashionable, innovative techniques appear frequently and the ways of thinking about our relationship with food are reshaped.

The gastronomic industry -especially for restaurants, hotels and catering services- generates employment throughout the country and activates a virtuous circle in the local economyand today it also faces the challenge of staying current with an adequate proposal for an increasingly demanding client.

How to think that your menu is close, modern and versatile for all palates, and that at the same time includes both vegetarians and meat eaters, without leaving aside the economic barriers of the population and the conscience towards the planet?

In this sense, Unilever Food Solutions developed a global investigation, based on data from more than 25 countries, on the trends of the Future Menus for 2023with eight main categories: Irresistible Vegetables, Zero Waste Menus, Sharing 2.0, Modernized Home Cooking, Wild & Pure, Contrasting Flavors, Feel Good Food and Conscious Proteins. These lines of study were validated by input from more than 1,600 chefs from around the world, analysis of 77,000 food-related keywords, dozens of reports on food and menu trends, information from great laboratories of flavors and in-depth interviews with experts.

These trends cross the five continents transversally, and each country and each region finds its own interpretation. We are aware of labor challenges and other issues affecting the industry. That’s why, we support our customers with innovative products and simple and agile solutions to prepare tasty and healthy recipes in any kitchen. In this adaptation challenge, we also made progress with the supply of more sustainable ingredients and the use of less energy or labor to make them. In turn, we have a exclusive platform for online courses and trainingfree dictated by a specialized team that teaches about new cooking skills, tips and tricks about meals, designed for gourmets.

In a world where gastronomy is a reflection of diversity and a multisensory experience, it is It is essential to be at the forefront of trends. Through the meal, the cooks are both artists and communicators that explore new horizons and challenge the limits. From the origin of ingredients to waste management, the The search for sustainable practices is essential to preserve our planet and ensure a prosperous future for the next generations. These initiatives promote a gastronomic revolution, where creativity and awareness merge to offer authentic and transformative culinary experiences.

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