Mario Poli’s last mass: Pope Francis has already chosen his replacement

Mario Poli’s last mass: Pope Francis has already chosen his replacement

The person who occupied the position of Jorge Bergoglio after being anointed Pope leaves the office at Rivadavia 415. His replacement will come to light, in the next few days, from Rome. His name has already been notified to the Argentine government.

The successor of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the leadership of the Buenos Aires church goes into retirement. In the church they call them emeritus. They remain active, they are never discarded, but without tasks on the battlefront of managing an ecclesial territory.

Mario Aurelio Polywho turned 75 last November, was still formally occupying the office on the second floor of the Buenos Aires archdiocese, located at Rivadavia 415, in front of Plaza de Mayo, at the height of the pyramid.

The Buenos Aires archbishop and at the same time cardinal primate of Argentina, the highest honorary religious position after the Pope, was not in tune with Francisco’s teaching. He leaves in the midst of scandals of all kinds and above all having disappointed by absence as a pastor for the clergy of Buenos Aires.

Poli’s last mass will be this Wednesday the 24th, starting at 7:00 p.m., in the Basilica María Auxiliadora y San Carlos, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro. There all week, especially the congregation of the Salesians, they paid masses for the invocation of the Virgin Mary as helper of the Catholic Church. In that same temple, which dates from the beginning of the 20th century, Bergoglio was baptized days after he was born, Carlos Gardel was also trained in the choir and the popular indigenous saint, whom the church recognized for now blessed, Ceferino Namuncurá.


This Thursday 25, starting at 11 in the morning, Poli will give his last tedeum, which formally for the church is a song of the liturgy to praise and give thanks to God. In this case, on May 25, when the first national government was formed. In the cathedral of Buenos Aires it is customary for the head of the national Executive Branch to be present as the head of the Autonomous City. In this case he will be the last tedeum of the president Alberto Fernandezas well as that of the head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. In the tedeum the national anthem will be sung together with 14 non-Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religious leaders.

Poli’s successor is already designated by Pope Francis. Rest the name in a sealed envelope. This is how the national government was notified, via the Vatican, a week ago. Ámbito was able to confirm that he is a non-Buenos Aires cleric. The mystery of the next leader, in the territory with the greatest concentration of earthly power in Argentina, will come out first through the Holy See media.

It is estimated that after May 26 it will be known who will be in charge of the church in the city where Jorge Bergoglio, the first Jesuit and Argentine priest to be elected by the Holy Spirit over the cardinals in the conclave, as Successor of Peter.


Source: Ambito

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