The North also exists: two big players that drive the NOA

The North also exists: two big players that drive the NOA

It is no coincidence that in the latest edition of PreViaje, Salta has been the destination most chosen by Argentines. It is well known that the province is a pioneer in tourism promotion and development issues, with an impulse and a strategy created many years ago.

Despite the ups and downs and circumstances, there was a time when the Salta product was thought up and created. At that time, although the other provinces that make up the northwest had a tourist industry, Salta became the pearl. The promoters with their typical ponchos provided a setting for all the national and international fairs. The province was an example for the entire national tourism industry. The quality hotel industry was promoted, even its own airline, all thanks to an active provincial state. In those years the province was at the forefront of tools and ways to promote the destination. Everything that had to be done was done. And that impulse became a stable business, with some concentration, but very solid.



The culture of tourism and the trajectory of years working on quality, make Salta a well-established destination with a lot of knowledge about the sector. In terms of product, the Valleys take much of that appeal, with a clear consolidation of wine tourism and very important investments at an international level. The hotel industry continues to grow with new players and the providers are continually improving and trying to enhance the experiences.

Consolidating what has been built seems to be the general vision, not innovation. The current guidelines are closely related to driving flow to keep the structure fully occupied, which is very important, but we must not forget to create and innovate. The same happens with the message used in the promotion, it is solid, traditional, which lacks touches of freshness and imagination.

An interesting case, although not very representative in terms of hotel space, and billing, but with a clear idea, is that of San Lorenzo, located about 15 minutes from the Capital. A vacation village that was an exclusive destination for the people of Salta, and that in its eagerness to survive, open up to tourism and not be absorbed by the big city, applied creativity and quality promotion with a very clear message. A destination that 15 years ago was not even in the brochures, stands out today. This town, in addition to its natural attractions, appeals to marketing, image and design like no one else does.

Quebrada de las señoritas Jujuy 1200.jpg

The other strong player within the NOA is Jujuy an essential component to consolidate the North destination, which has a history of years and which, with a solid and smaller industry, went from backpacking to being a boom. Today it is already an avant-garde province in many services that puts Salta itself on alert in terms of tourism innovation. This, without a doubt, allows an extraordinary moment for investment, for regional growth, for competition among NOA members, thus promoting improvements, experience, encouraging other neighbors to be encouraged to grow and improve; especially if you think about competing with the other tourist regions of the country.

With a hotel capacity of some 12,000 beds, concentrated mostly in destinations in the Quebrada, Jujuy has decided to focus on the tourism industry with a strong policy on product innovation, consolidating destinations and using all available communication and marketing tools.

This has given very positive results for the province, for the Noa and for the quality of the destination Argentina. What Salta knew how to do 20 years ago when it bet on innovation and creativity in tourism, Jujuy is currently doing. In a short time, he managed to identify his potential customers with fun and modern communication campaigns. A clear example is seen in achieving the perception that such a special Carnival is lived all year round. What it transmits is that it is in its essence, that whoever visits it is going to have a good time.

Purmamarca and its Cerro de los Siete Colores are a central part of the beautiful Quebrada de Humahuaca.

Purmamarca and its Cerro de los Siete Colores are a central part of the beautiful Quebrada de Humahuaca.

Purmamarca and its Cerro de los Siete Colores are a central part of the beautiful Quebrada de Humahuaca.

On the other hand, they managed to present local products with a modern style. Fabrics, colors, textures, construction materials such as adobe, found a harmony between nature and current consumption tastes in everything, and this is expressed in its hotel industry. They have done the same with their cuisine: Andean papines used not only in traditional dishes but also in haute cuisine. They managed to express Jujuy products in a thousand innovative ways, without losing authenticity. Something similar happens with the wine industry, which, although incipient, already has clear terroir references.

And as far as hotels are concerned, they have achieved a very high impact with the Glamping de las Salinas, with 4 domes and a capacity for a maximum of 12 beds, it was at the top and updated in terms of hospitality experiences. But again, what prevails is innovation, adding a product that represents the new way of traveling and using it as a workhorse in your communication. All this creates an environment that attracts investment, which may not initially be in the millions, but it will surely be a lot.

Infecting, driving and driving the other provinces of the NOA is what will finally make these examples, both positive and of different profilesstop being isolated attempts and become one of the new engines that Argentina needs so much: a strong, united and innovative NOA, attracting investments and betting on new tourism.

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