The hidden motives behind the attack on the new archbishop and future cardinal Jorge García Cuerva

The hidden motives behind the attack on the new archbishop and future cardinal Jorge García Cuerva

He Pope Francisco It does not have reverse in its gearbox. The ten years as Vicar of Christ consolidated the process that began in the conclave that elected him on March 13, 2013. Under the precepts of the Second Vatican Council, the conduct of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. From there arose the furious reaction of “the Mileis” and “the Bullrichs” of the Church -and its media spokespersons- against the new Buenos Aires archbishop Jorge García Cuerva.

With the appointment of another Jorge with a compound last name, Bergoglio surprised and undoubtedly rearranged the political-ecclesial board in the heart of his Homeland, which is ours. Gone, as a bad memory, was the perfidious driving of Mario Aurelio Poly. It is important to know the data hidden by the “ultra-Catholics”.

In the first place, occupying the position of archbishop of Buenos Aires means being the earthly leader from the spiritual for the next 20 years (priests retire at 75 years) of almost three million baptized people who live in the archdiocese of Buenos Aires.

The ecclesiastical jurisdiction covers not only the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It also includes the Buenos Aires municipalities of Avellaneda, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Berazategui, Quilmes; from the west to Laferre, San Justo, Morón; and to the north: San Martin, San Isidro and San Miguel.

This regionalization includes the leadership of nine bishops, that is, nine captains of a spiritual army, all of them in tune with the Second Vatican Council, which the Jesuit Pope resumed with the power of the Holy Spirit without haste or pause.

Pope Francis Jorge García Cuerva.png

In the list of candidates, Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva was the best positioned to overcome the formal and classic filters of the Holy See. His academic training (he is a lawyer graduated from the UBA and a historian from the UCA), in addition to other ecclesial titles and the two years of going back and forth to Rome and continuous work in the Department of the Clergy (we call it ministry), ended up tilting the balance. It is the arrival of a man of faith and law at a time when Argentina is demanding a renewal of Justice. The Dicastery is a central area in the Roman Curia because the list of bishops for their promotions or transfers is made there.

Jorge Garcia Cuerva Carolina Stanley.jpg

Jorge García Cuerva and the former minister of Mauricio Macri, Carolina Stanley.

Jorge García Cuerva and the former minister of Mauricio Macri, Carolina Stanley.

García Cuerva and the Holy Father are not old friends. They only met in 2014, but Jorge Mario valued what he has been asking of all the baptized, and especially religious, for parrhesia (courage), to face the mundane tribulations that make bishops consistent apostles of Jesus and not clerics of State. Many times, from journalism and politics, hasty readings are made. The era of the image often condemns us. Everything is defined in the photographs. Hence, the “file” against the archbishop was born with a slight search on social networks and Google. But when the photos show a wide range of leaders (from Mauricio Macri to María Eugenia Vidal and Carolina Stanley) they are hidden to fit the ideas into a complex reality. That always goes wrong.

The Milei with cassock

Before the appointment of this priest as archbishop who pastored the villas of the diocese of San Isidro, the Milei and Bullrich of the Catholic Church first came to light by an unsought spokesperson. It is that the insulting audio of a priest against García Cuerva (which included the Archbishop of La Plata, Víctor Manuel Fernández) was leaked.

The priest with an erratic ecclesial career, Rodrigo Vazquez, furious with anger, addressed a group of lay and religious where some joy had circulated over the appointment of García Cuerva, who is the son of a retired Air Force dentist and had an uncle who died as an aviator in the war for the Malvinas Islands . That military and patriotic cradle led to praise at first from many Catholics. But the defamation of the former chaplain, who took refuge in the icy diocese of San Nicolás, was so ruthless that someone from that group in the faith made the audio transcend and circulated to the point that the bishops intervened, Oscar Ojeapresident of the local bishops, and Hugo Santiagobishop who received him in his jurisdiction, to put in box the priest who in his youth was expelled from the seminary in San Isidro for reading Adolph Hitleralthough later managed by the then military bishopric, Jose Medina.

Rodrigo Vázquez.jpg

Another of the hidden motives of the anti-Vatican II Council, and therefore anti-Francis, is the intervention of the religious institute, Miles Christi. The Pope threw that hot potato at the then bishop of Río Gallegos. He didn’t let him down. He passed the test and there another reason for his new destination in Buenos Aires. This is another of the ulterior motives, that García Cuerva has been the Pontifical Commissioner to order a stronghold of the former archbishop of La Plata, Hector Aguer. There he had to expel its founder and former priest, Roberto Juan Yannuzzifor his sexual abuse. To learn more about the intervention of the Pope to other Catholic ultra groups in Argentina I recommend reading this article by Alfredo Silletta.

Next July 15 is a must in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires for all those who want to make the papal spring bloom. That day the archbishop of Buenos Aires will assume his new position, who will also be the new Argentine cardinal, but above all, he will never stop being the people’s pastor.


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