Would you like a sausage roll for lunch?

Would you like a sausage roll for lunch?
Have a good meal! The sandwich ends up on the lunch plate several times a week for 61 percent of Austrians.

Clemens Thaler

Clemens Thaler

Editorial Manager, Deputy Head of Services

Oh sure!

Is there anything better for a quick hunger than a sausage roll? Definitely no! It is and remains the classic – and at least in Austria it is a cultural asset. Since the Germans and Italians can cut a piece.

Of course we have learned a lot about healthy eating and the white flour in the bread roll is not ideal, but if you don’t eat it exclusively, it’s fine for lunch: with cucumber or without.

Even sausages have a large number of variations and evolutionary stages of development. When I was at school, the Extrawurstsemmerl was my favorite, today Bergsteiger mit Kornspitz. It only becomes really problematic when cola or beer are added. watch out!

Julia Evers

Julia Evers

Editor culinary, life and health

Please keep your distance!

Extra sausage and white bread, wrapped in lots of aluminum foil: my first seat neighbor in elementary school couldn’t be so nice that I didn’t know right away: It stinks, I can’t stand it every break. Sausage rolls, however, were ubiquitous back in the 80s.

Only many changes of location later did I end up with someone whose mum packed an olfactory-friendly snack. It goes without saying that we then looked for an apartment together as students.

Even many years later, you don’t need to be a nutrition expert to realize that even gherkins don’t make the combination of sausage and white bread a balanced meal. In some things even Commissioner Rex is on the wrong track.

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