Is the regional scale for the climate bonus fair?

Is the regional scale for the climate bonus fair?
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Barbara Eidenberger

Barbara Eidenberger

Head of online editing

No watering can

The system for the climate bonus was always planned like this: regionally staggered. Because it makes a difference where you live and how much effort it takes to switch to climate-friendly mobility.

The consequences of the tax reform, which puts a higher price on CO2, should be distributed more fairly. Anyone who is less affected by the CO2 tax or at least has the chance of being less affected by existing infrastructure such as buses or trams will also receive a smaller bonus. It is indeed fair to take these regional differences into account.

In the previous year, because of the increase in prices, payments were made with the big watering can, every adult received 500 euros. That was neither fair nor sustainable.

Valentin Bayer

Valentin Bayer

Editor Upper Austria

extra effort

Anyone who gets the lowest level of the climate bonus receives 110 euros – at the highest level it is 220 euros. Because of the difference of 110 euros, a complicated grading system is introduced, which also results in additional work for the administration. It is doubtful whether this really makes sense.

In general, the graduation according to place of residence is questionable: single mothers in Linz, who are often also dependent on the car, get less than top earners who live in the country. There is no question as to which of these two groups will be more affected by the CO2 tax in relation to total income. If there is a staggering, then at least socially fair.

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